Watch Sony Test Drive Its Vision-S Prototype Vehicle on Public Roads

The Japanese tech giant used its new Airpeak drone to film the footage on Austrian roads.
Chris Young

Last year, Sony announced that it was bringing forward plans to make its prototype Vision-S electric vehicle a reality.

At its CES 2021 keynote, Sony revealed that it has now started testing the EV on public roads in Austria as of December 2020.

Though little has been revealed, especially pertaining to the car's specs, Sony did share a clip of the Vision-S driving alongside a picturesque wintery backdrop.


Sony's foray into the auto industry

Amidst rumors of Apple working on a new electric vehicle, Sony decided to update the world on its own planned foray into the car market with a new video of the Vision-S showcased at this week's CES.

The Vision-S was originally announced at last year's CES. At the time, Sony stated that its electric vehicle prototype was fitted with over 30 of the company's CMOS sensors, and 360˚  Reality Audio, a new automotive entertainment feature from Sony.

The prototype at the trade show came with two 200kW engines giving it the ability to accelerate to 62 MPH (100 km/h) in 4.8 seconds.

Sony Vision-S sneak peek

Aside from that, we still know very little about what's under the hood of Sony's new vehicle.

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While dreamers might hope they'll one-up Tesla by adding PS5 functionality to the vehicle alongside full self-driving, Sony revealed last year that the Vision-S only had Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities — though it plans to level up in the future.

Another piece of tech that was also showcased at this week's digital CES event was the Airpeak drone, which makes a brief appearance in the video and was used for the video's panoramic tracking shots. Take a look at the Vision-S in action in the video below.

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