SpaceX May Soon Launch Two Starships Simultaneously

Elon Musk, being full of surprises, now hinted at the possibility of a double Starship launch.
Fabienne Lang

Will the world see two SpaceX Starships launch at the same time in 2021? Possibly. With Elon Musk at the helm, almost anything is possible.

A photoshopped image of two Starships ready to launch was posted on Twitter in late November by RGVAerialPhotography, to which Musk responded that the image will come to life "real soon." 

Again on January 2, the same image was posted by the same user on Twitter, with the question "With SN10 nearly complete and repairs being done at the landing pad, do you think this is something we will get to see in the next few weeks?"

To which Musk simply responded "Yes."


SpaceX has been moving fast and forward since the end of 2019 when it built an identical Starship launch pad so as to improve existing structures, reported Teslarati.

Called Suborbital Pad B, the latest launch mount had its star moment in late 2020, when Starship SN9's cryo proof test was to take place. It's also scheduled to see Starship's static fire test today, January 4, as Teslarati mentioned.

SN10 and SN11 are also not far behind. 

What all of this means is that Musk's comments on Twitter of a double Starship launch could well see the light of day soon.

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As it stands, SN9 will most likely undergo its test in the coming weeks, following some pretty fancy SN8 aerial flips in late December. And with SN10 in the works for a launch in the coming weeks as well, we may well see SN9 and SN10 launching days apart. 

Furthermore, with SN11 not far behind, SN10 and SN11 could eventually end up on the launch pad at the same time in the next month or so. 

In any case, there's plenty in store for SpaceX fans in the coming weeks and months, and 2021 is sure to prove interesting for space lovers.