The Most Spacious and Luxurious Tiny Home You Will Ever See

Trevor English

You have likely heard about the tiny house movement, and you are either a big fan or hate the cramped spaces. No matter how you feel about the move to smaller houses, you are going to want to see this tiny home from New Frontier. This custom tiny home company will build whatever their clients desire, and they have an uncanny ability to make the less than 500 sq. ft. spaces feel like luxurious homes. Check out some of the photos below.

beautiful small home[Image Source: New Frontier]

Tiny homes are typically built on wheels to get around building codes in the U.S. This new model from New Frontier is only 240 sq. feet, much smaller than many people's current home. While the outside may look good, take a look at the stunning kitchen inside the home below.

inside tiny home[Image Source: New Frontier]

When you consider the fair amount of engineering that needs to go into these homes to make them feel established but also able to be moved behind a truck, they become even more impressive. When you look inside this small  home, it feels double to triple as big as it looks from the outside. This is particularly bolstered by the open concept, which is common in tiny homes.

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tiny homes [Image Source: New Frontier]

Many tiny homes incorporate some kind of decking system because finding any amount of extra living space is really important in a space so small.

tiny house featured [Image Source: New Frontier]

What do you think of this beautiful home? Would you ever call it home? Let us know in the comments.

tiny living[Image Source: New Frontier]

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