20 Spine-Chilling Glass Skywalk Attractions Around the World

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If you're seeking for adventure, then you came to the right place. Experience nature or the bustling scenes of a city through these 20 spine-chilling glass skywalk attractions around the world. These man-made glass structures serve as viewing platforms where you can look down and admire the breath-taking views underneath your feet.

Zhangjiajie, China

Known as the "Coiling Dragon Cliff", this glass skywalk is located on top of the Tianmen or 'Heavenly Gate' Mountains towering the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. The glass walkway bridge wraps around the mountain cliff for 200 feet, which is only 3 feet wide and 2.5 inches thick. And the spine-chilling fact about this glass bridge? It rests 4,700 feet above ground providing an astonishing view of the scenic mountain summits around the forest park.

Brave Men's Bridge, China

So, you think you're brave? Well, you can put your courage to the test by walking through the Brave Men's Bridge in the Pingjiang County in China. It's just a normal walkway bridge really, except it's mostly made out of glass. Ever had that feeling like you're falling off from a height as you start to doze off? That is probably the notion this glass skywalk gives off but the only difference is you're awake the whole time. The suspension bridge spans by 300 meters between two cliffs. It's elevated at a height of 180 meters above ground. Anyone who could bottle it up and fully cross the spine-chilling bridge is considered to be a "true brave man".

Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA

Cantilevering 70 feet off the verge of the Grand Canyon, this horseshoe shape glass skywalk will make you feel like you're at the extreme edge of the Earth. As you stand at the very tip of the walkway, there will be nothing but 2,000 meters of air between your feet and the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The glass skywalk project aims to boost the economic condition of the Hualapai Indian Tribe.

Aiguille du Midi, France

"Step into the Void", this is the daring challenge of the Aguille du Midi glass room in the Mont Blanc massif located within the French Alps. This hanging glass box will challenge your susceptibility to vertigo but will reward you with an endless view of the Bossons Glacier. There are about 1,000 meters of free air underneath your feet once you are inside the glass box. It's considered to be "the highest attraction in Europe".

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LA Skyspace, USA

Why settle for a skywalk when you can slide down an outdoor glass structure? You can find this heart-racing glass slide at the OUE Skyspace in Los Angeles, California. Forget Venice beach for a little while and explore this thrilling glass ride 1,000 feet above ground on California's tallest observation deck. It's not just a glass skywalk attraction, it's also an ultimate adrenaline-pumping ride.

The Ledge at Willis Tower, USA

Position yourself literally at the edge of the Willis Tower by walking into one of the five glass ledges and absorb the stunning Chicago scenery. Designed by SOM, the glass balconies are more than just an aesthetic and thrilling feature of the Willis Tower. By protruding out of the building, the glass balconies also act as a surface roughness component to the building. It's a wind engineering feat that can reduce the peak wind pressure on structures.

Glacier Skywalk, Canada

Explore nature beyond its edge through the breathtaking Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. Offering a tremendous view of the hazy mountain range, this epic glass skywalk cantilevers 280 meters above the Sunwapta Valley. The cliff-edge glass skywalk provides visitors with a unique wildlife, waterfalls, and fossils experience.

Mirador de Abrantes, Spain

High upon the ravine in the north of La Gomera sits the glass viewing deck where visitors can admire the rural landscape of the Canary Islands. The glass skywalk hangs 7 meters off the edge of the ravine suspending visitors in mid-air. During a bright, clear day, the small valley of Agulo can be viewed 400 meters beneath the glass deck.

Jin Mao Tower, China

Visitors can literally dangle off the edge of the Jin Mao Tower's glass skywalk. You can admire the skyline of Shanghai without any glass obstructions as you look down from 420 meters above ground. The Jin Mao Tower was designed by one of the world's top architecture and engineering firm called SOM.

Tower Bridge, UK

Instead of confining yourself inside the London Eye's capsule to get a panoramic view of the city, why not try this glass skywalk at the Tower Bridge? A stunning bird's eye view of the English metropolis can be experienced 42 meters above the River Thames. What is fascinating about this glass observation point is that if you time your visit perfectly, you'll be able to witness the grand lifting of the bascules beneath your feet.

Tokyo Skytree, Japan

The highest panoramic view in Tokyo, the Skytree, boasts a number of viewing decks including a glass floor observation point located on the 340th floor. Visitors can view the bustling city of Tokyo from 350 meters beneath their feet via the see-through glass walkway. If 350 meters isn't enough for you then there's a higher observation deck at 450 meters above the ground, located on the 450th floor of the skyscraper.

Chongqing, China

Famously known as the "Sky Corridor", this new glass skywalk at the cliff side of the Wansheng Mountain Scenic Area projects off the edge by 80 meters. The A-shaped bridge cantilevers more than 200 meters above the ground. And just beside this mega glass skywalk is another glass floor walkway significantly smaller to it.

Flying Saucer, China

This pulse-racing 'Flying Saucer' glass skywalk cantilevers for 396 meters above the Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge near Beijing. Projecting by 33 meters off the edge, it provides a thrilling 360-degree view of the scenic mountain range. Titanium alloys were used to construct the frame of the glass skywalk, the same material used in aircraft construction, making the structure lightweight.

CN Tower, Canada

Discover the vibrant city of Toronto from 342 meters high on the glass skywalk of the CN Tower. Visitors can sit, walk, crawl, and even jump on the clear glass floor without breaking it. The tower maintenance conducts annual load tests on each panel to make sure they are safe for service. And if you have the stamina for it, you can also walk outside the circumference of the tower's roof at the EdgeWalk attraction.

Eureka Tower, Melbourne

Melbourne's Eureka Tower is the city's iconic landmark at a strapping height of 297 meters. Located on the 88th floor of the tower is the famous Eureka Skydeck - Melbourne's ultimate viewing spot and one of the most incredible glass observation decks in the world. It's considered to be the highest public observation point in the Southern Hemisphere and provides an astonishing panoramic view 300 meters above the vibrant Australian city.

Melbourne's Edge Eureka glass skywalk

[Image Source: Eureka Skydeck]

Shanghai World Financial Center, China

After you've had a blast on top of the Jin Mao Tower you can hop over to this mega skyscraper and experience another spine-chilling glass skywalk on the same day. There's a total of three observation decks in the SWFC and the one featured in the photo below is located on the 100th floor. The daring glass skywalk will get your knees trembling as you dare to look down from 474 meters above the ground.

20 Spine-Chilling Glass Skywalk Attractions Around the World

[Image Source: Shanghai World Financial Center]

Eiffel Tower, France

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, the iconic Eiffel Tower received a glass floor installation. You can adore the Parisian way of life 57 meters from the ground as you along the transparent walkway of the tower's 1st floor. With the non-slip treatment applied on the glass floor, visitors can safely tread through the transparent observation deck.

Dachstein Glacier, Austria

The Dachstein "Stairway to Nothingness" will give you an unforgettable panoramic glacier experience. 14 spine-chilling narrow steps lead down to a glass platform where you can experience the nauseating heights of the Alps. The Dachstein Glacier also boast a few more exciting attractions like the skywalk, suspension bridge, ice palace, and the panorama gondola.

Stairway to nothingness in Austria

[Image Source: Der Dachstein]

Sky100, Hong Kong

The International Commerce Center is Hong Kong's tallest building and right at the 100th floor sits a glass observation deck offering a stunning view of the Victoria Harbor. You can walk through, or crawl if your knees are too weak for heights, the glass floor and admire the Hong Kong skyline underneath your feet.

Glass skywalk at the Sky100 in Hong Kong

[Image Source: Sky100]

Oryukdo Skywalk, South Korea

To finish off this adventure, we'll leave you with this stunning cliff-hanging glass bridge in Busan, South Korea called the Oryukdo Skywalk. It provides a unique perspective of the sea and waves as visitors can view the rolling surf underneath their feet. The glass skywalk projects 15 meters off the edge of the cliff and has a clear height of 35 meters. Absorb the fresh breeze of the sea at the tip of the hanging bridge and admire the beauty of nature through this glass skywalk structure.

After seeing these glass skywalk attractions in pictures and videos, it's time to draft or redraft that must-go-to place list of yours. These glass skywalks are your personal connection to the environment, providing unique perspectives of the world that exist above and below you.

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