Spot the Robot Dog Seen Out for a Night Stroll

Boston Dynamics explained that it was part of 'routine mobility tests.'
Fabienne Lang
Spot the robot dog on a walkKenny Do/YouTube

In this day and age, you don't expect to see robots walking along in the streets. Not yet in any case. However, that's exactly what a passerby in Northern Ontario, Canada, noticed while out one evening. 

Boston Dynamics' bright yellow and black Spot the robot dog was caught on camera by Twitter account holder @bloodtear while out for an evening stroll last Friday. Appearing to be out for a walk, like any other dog, Spot stopped to look at the person, then continued to walk on. The footage was posted on Twitter. 

The robotics company posted a statement also on Twitter after the event, explaining that it was part of "routine mobility tests."


Robots in our midst

As per some of the comments on the Twitter post, some people are freaking out that robots like Spot are walking around on our streets. However, Boston Dynamics clearly explained that a "handler" was close behind the walking robot dog and that the procedure was part of a "routine mobility test" — something that's part of the company's terms of use. 

Moreover, the company noted that Spot was kept away from people, and that, in fact, this is an exciting point in the world of robotics. Spot the robot dog has been created to assist in all sorts of worldly events. For instance, it made an appearance earlier this year in Singapore to warn citizens to maintain safe social distances, it's currently helping to measure COVID-19 patients' vitals, and it's been used on oil rigs in the past.

Earlier this month, Spot was officially available for sale in Europe and Canada, so it comes as little surprise that someone saw one of these cool contraptions walking along the streets in Canada. 

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That said, when you watch the video you'll notice that it's understandable why some people may find this vision of a sleek robot lurking in dark streets a little creepy. Seeing robots unexpectedly is still something we're not yet used to, and it could be shocking to notice one that appears to be walking all by itself at night. 

In any case, it'll be interesting to see what users in Canada and Europe start using Spot for, as we're sure to discover in the coming months.

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