Spot the Robot Spotted Serving Beers in Sevilla, Spain

The incredibly advanced Boston Dynamics robot might be slightly overqualified for this task.
Chris Young

As has been the case throughout most of the world, Spain's hospitality sector, and indeed its culture, has been massively disrupted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Andalucía, a region known for its lively terraces and nighttime party ambiance suddenly saw the cañas — small beers — dry up at the beginning of the year when Spain introduced some of the world's strictest lockdown measures.

Now, in a bid to kickstart a 'new normal', a bar in the city of Sevilla in Andalucía has started using Spot the robot to serve its customers beers.


Spot the waiter

A tweeter, @rancio, brought the use of the Boston Dynamics robot at a local bar to public attention.

@rancio wrote the following tweet in Spanish, which translates roughly to "Will you look at this, this is the Cuesta del Rosario [a neighborhood in Sevilla] and we need an explanation! 2020, relax already!"

While most of the local press in Sevilla referred to the robot as a 'canine robot' or a 'dog robot', this is of course Boston Dynamics' Spot robot, one of the most advanced robots in the world.

Contact-free beer serving

Despite having been a fixture on social media feeds for a long time due to its impressive athletic abilities, Boston Dynamics' Spot robot only went on sale in Europe in September.

The Diario de Sevilla newspaper writes that this isn't the bar's first foray into robotics; back in May, the same establishment installed a robotic arm into its bar so as to allow for contact-free serving.

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Boston Dynamics' impressive Spot robot has also been used to implement social distancing in Singapore and has the capability to help as a first responder in disaster situations — good to see that Sevilla has its priorities right!

While robots are meant to make our lives easier by taking over manual labor, we'd go as far as saying that Spot the robot may be a tad overqualified for this particular job. 

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