Spotify Became a Dating App for This Couple, Maybe for More in the Future

A young musician couple found love thanks to a curated Spotify playlist.
Fabienne Lang

If you're looking for love, put your Tinder and Bumble matchmaking apps aside, and download Spotify. The music streaming company recently enabled two young American artists to virtually meet, fall in love, and get engaged. 

Dating apps are all the rage in this day and age, with more and more people dating and getting married thanks to meeting online. 

Here's how two up-and-coming musicians found love via Spotify. 


The musicians' digital love story

Singer-songwriters Edgar Sandoval Jr. and Emilee Flood met each other when both of their songs ended up on the same Spotify playlist. The music app regularly creates and curates playlists for its listeners to enjoy, keeping tunes in line with similar genres and moods.

In March this year, Sandoval Jr.'s band, Cape Lions, was placed onto Spotify's "Fresh Finds" playlist. The playlist features mostly independent and emerging artists. 

Upon listening to, and enjoying, a song from that same playlist called 'High Hopes', Sandoval Jr. decided to reach out to Flood, whose song it was. 

As Spotify doesn't have a chat system, Sandoval Jr. took to popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, to find Flood and let her know how much he appreciated her song. 

The rest is history, as they say. 

From there, Flood and Sandoval Jr. exchanged a number of messages, which led to FaceTime sessions, which then led to Sandoval Jr. booking a flight from Seattle to Arkansas for a visit. 

The ultimate cherry on top of the cake? Sandoval Jr.'s marriage proposal this past October.

With their upcoming wedding, the young musician couple are desperately looking for the Spotify Fresh Finds playlist curator as they'd like to invite them to their celebration. 

"I want to find the person that put us in that ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist," Sandoval Jr. said. "I feel like that person has no idea that, when they were listening to our songs, they were going to put two people together and set them up for literally marriage, for the rest of their lives."

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They may have to be prepared to invite the entire Spotify team, as the company reportedly answered "Our playlist curation is a team effort."  The wedding is planned for next June, so Sandoval Jr. and Flood still have time to find their unwitting matchmaker.  

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