Sprayable sleep in a canister sprays away insomnia

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We saw a campaign on Indiegogo around a year ago for energy in a bottle that you can spray which offers a hit of caffeine that the skin can absorb and it gives the wearer a boost of energy. Now Sprayable, the same company, have launched another sprayable product but this time around it’s the total opposite; a spray that sends you to sleep.


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Sprayable Sleep contains melatonin and this is a chemical that is produced naturally by humans which controls the night and day cycle. There are pills on the market that contain the chemical, however, many of them have up to 100 times more chemical than is actually needed. The sleep in a bottle contains just a fraction of the amount of melatonin. Sprayable said that this means the chemical is able to enter the body smoothly and gently over time.


[Image Source: Sprayable]

The co-founder of Sprayable said that it could be too effective for some people as it is absorbed through the skin and some people have said that after using it they have slept well but found they needed more sleep than what they had actually planned to have. This of course has meant that they have been left a little on the groggy side when waking to their alarm clock.

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[Image Source: Sprayable]

There is no stickiness with the spray and application of it is smooth and easy along with the spray not having any smell to it. The company recommends that you spray each side of the neck along with both wrists around one hour before you plan to go to bed. Of course, the results from the spray will vary from person to person with some people feeling heavy eyed within 20 minutes while others being fast asleep.


[Image Source: Sprayable]

The Sprayable Sleep mist is currently raising interest and funds on Indiegogo and has raised more than $125,000 and there is still a month to go. You can pledge $15 for a bottle that is said to last for around one month.

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