Squat Payment in Moscow Metro Stations

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Modern city life walks hand in hand with some health problems. Working all day sitting on a chair at the office or behind the steering wheel leads in many cases to immobilization and overweight. Which in turn, together with the massive amount of stress nowadays, may cause heart diseases, diabetes and many other civilization diseases.


As part of the advertising campaign of the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, the Olympic Change organization installed unusual ticket machine. It requires a little bit different way of payment for a ticket – squats. If you want to use the metro in Moscow you have to make 30 squats in front of the machine.
Instead of advertising, it is a good and funny way to stimulate people to move. And also to bring some distraction to people from the nervous every day life. There are usual ticket machines however, in case that the customer isn't able to squat. Or he just doesn't want to do so.
Olympic Change created a contest for most original active life social project. The winner will be awarded with an airport ticket from Moscow to Sochi, the place where the Winter Olympics will be held, a ticket for the opening ceremony, payment for accommodation in a hotel, and a view trip inside the Olympic park.



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