Stanford professor says he is 100% sure that aliens are already on Earth

"I think the UFOs that we have seen and captured are some kind of drones or objects with advanced artificial intelligence."
Amal Jos Chacko
Stock photo: Alien watching the Earth.
Stock photo: Alien watching the Earth.


Garry Nolan, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine, has claimed that aliens have not only visited Earth but that they have been here for decades and continue to be here.

He made these comments during a session titled “The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and Crashed UFOs” at the SALT iConnection 2023, a conference that welcomes investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to discuss disruptive innovations relating to finance, economics, and geopolitics.

But what relevance does an immunologist have when talking about extraterrestrial life?

Nolan published a paper in 2018 disproving the notion that the Atacama humanoid skeleton could be of alien origin. This got him in touch with several pilots who got close to supposed Unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and the fields generated by them.

Nolan claims to have studied MRI scans of these pilots and observed white matter disease, similar to patients with multiple sclerosis. He described individuals who had seen UAPs to have a “smorgasbord” of symptoms to Vice, who did a profile on him in 2021.

When pushed about the evidence behind his recent claim, Nolan mentioned the Wow! signal, a narrow-band radio signal regarded to be one of the most famous pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence. 

 Although it has not been definitively proven that the signal originated from an alien civilization, and scientists published work suggesting a comet to be the source instead, Nolan said that people experienced the Wow! signal regularly; a statement the moderator termed “tough to believe”.

Nolan spoke of his belief that alien species are surveilling humankind using drones and advanced forms of AI and asserted that physicists at defense corporations he had worked with shared information about these advanced technologies the government had recovered and attempted to reverse engineer them.

To destigmatize the conversation around extraterrestrial life and the possibility that humans may not be the most advanced form of life out there, Nolan describes how 501c3 nonprofit organizations could help write policy papers for governments and commercial enterprises.

Nolan is hopeful of Congress creating a whistleblowers program that would allow people from within the Department of Defence and other bodies working on this matter to speak up and share their insights.

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