Star Wars Fans Delight in Photo Montage to Celebrate May the Fourth

May the Fourth be with you says greeting card maker Moonpig.
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Star Wars fans are preparing to celebrate their unofficial holiday, May the Fourth. The day is observed as a Star Wars celebration day due to its similarity to the catchphrase "May the Force be with you" as "May the Fourth be with you".


The first use of the pun is credited to the United Kingdom conservative party who placed an ad in The London Evening News, congratulating Margaret Thatcher on her first day of as Prime Minister on May 4, 1979. "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations” read the ad.

May the Fourth be with you

Star Wars Fans Delight in Photo Montage to Celebrate May the Fourth
Source: Moonpig

Every year from now on Star Wars fans mark the day with parties, role plays, and film screenings. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise you don’t want to miss the ambitious homage project by the greeting card maker Moonpig.

The online retailer has used over 650 cards to recreate one of the series’ most iconic scenes in the form of a photomosaic. The 676 greetings cars from Moonpig's Star Wars range has been carefully arranged to reveal a 16-foot high image of one of the most iconic scenes from the classic The Empire Strikes Back.

The classic image will excite true fans

The mosaic shows Luke Skywalker’s first showdown with Darth Vader, set on the floating metropolis of Cloud City in Episode V of the original saga. Moonpig's biggest Star Wars fans were brought together to create the mosaic which took more than 6 hours to assemble.

Workers, their friends, family, and observers were encouraged to dress up as their favorite character.

“I’m just one of a whole host of Star Wars fanatics in the Moonpig office. This year we wanted to say thank you to characters that have given us so much. And by using our own range of greetings cards, we felt this was a very Moonpig way of celebrating something we love,” Moonpig’s Design Manager, Dale Boreham, who came up with the creative concept for the campaign, said of the completed artwork said.

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Check out the video of the process below.

The scene was carefully chosen to excite all fans from the most old-school die-hard to the latest generation.

“By choosing one of the most iconic scenes from the original trilogy, we want the hairs to stand up on the necks of dedicated Star Wars fans. For me, it immediately brings back nostalgic memories of watching the films for the very first time,” Boreham continued.

Jo McClintock, Brand Director at Moonpig spoke of the motivational benefits of the mosaic: “We aim to keep our employees motivated and invested in their work every day. Engaging in projects like this is a great way of doing that. Our Star Wars mosaic has brought the whole office together. It was fantastic to see so many people get involved, dressing up as their favorite characters and taking photos with our resident Stormtroopers.”

How will you celebrate May the Fourth?

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