Star Wars Gets a New Starship for the Rise of Skywalker Thanks to Porsche

Porsche and Lucasfilm are teaming up to design a new starship for the Star War: The Rise of Skywalker film debuting in December.
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Star Wars fans have to wait until December to see the much-hyped and anticipated  Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and now they will also have to wait to get a glimpse of a fantasy starship Porsche and Lucasfilm is jointly developing. 

In a press release, the two companies said they are creating the starship to support the upcoming movie which is the final episode of the Skywalker saga. 


Porsche to show off a starship and an electric sports car 

The two plan to unveil the starship at the premiere of the movie in December. At that time Porsche will also show off its all-electric car, the Taycan, a first for the high-end sports car maker. The Taycan rolled out in September and customers in Europe will be behind the wheel from the start of 2020. 

 “Developing a spacecraft with clear Porsche design DNA is exciting and challenging,” says Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche at Porsche AG in a press release announcing the collaboration. “Even though they do not seem to share many elements at first glance, both worlds have a similar design philosophy. The close collaboration with the Star Wars design team inspires and fascinates us – I’m sure that both sides can draw major benefits from this exchange." 

Porsche and Lucasfilm designing the starship
Doug Chiang, creator director of Lucasfilm and Michael Mauer of Porsche work on starship design. Source: Porsche and Lucasfilm

What makes this project so exciting for Star Wars fans and the two companies is that both brands have an appeal across the globe thanks to their designs. Porsche in the sports car world and Lucasfilms in a Galaxy far, far away. "This collaboration promises to produce an innovative design that will blend the best of both brands to create an exciting new starship worthy of Porsche and Star Wars,” said  Doug Chiang, Vice President and Executive Creative Director of Lucasfilm and responsible for overseeing all designs for the Star Wars franchise in the same press release. 

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Porsche is no stranger to flying vehicles 

While Porsche and Lucasfilm didn't provide much in the way of details, it's not too much of a stretch for Porsche to design a flying machine. After all earlier this month Porsche announced it teamed up with Boeing to develop the urban air mobility market. The companies inked an alliance to explore the market with an eye toward developing personalized aircraft for commuting. Porsche, along with Boeing and Aurora Flight Sciences, are creating a concept for a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. 

Concept personal aircraft
Porsche and Boeing team up to create air mobility systems. Source: Porsche 

“Porsche is looking to enhance its scope as a sports car manufacturer by becoming a leading brand for premium mobility. In the longer term, this could mean moving into the third dimension of travel,” says Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche said in a press release at the time. “We are combining the strengths of two leading global companies to address a potential key market segment of the future.” 

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