Storm Chasers Fly Into Hurricane Laura in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The resulting images are incredible!
Loukia Papadopoulos

Normally, we all run from hurricanes. But still, the curiosity remains. What are hurricanes like up close and especially inside?

Now, people have found a unique way to discover just that in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The program which prides itself on its realism has introduced hurricane Laura in its latest edition and people are flying straight into it.


Indeed, players have been heading straight into the eye of the storm, all around its outer edges and even so high that they have frozen. The virtual storm chasers have taken to Twitter to share their exciting journeys and judging from the pics we are not surprised they decided to track the hurricane.

The views of the weather event are spectacular. These views are possible because Microsoft Flight Simulator uses real-time weather data provided by a partnership with Swiss company Meteoblue. 

Mathias Müller, Meteoblue co-founder, told The Verge that the program used his firm's comprehensive data to actually predict hurricane Laura. 

“Yesterday’s hurricane was very beautiful to look at and was accurately predicted by our models even days ahead,” explained Müller in an email to The Verge.

“We are very happy that real-time weather is now part of Flight Simulator. It was a long journey as integrating these massive amounts of data required the solution of many problems. From our end, we would like to have even more details and weather parameters we already compute for our customers and the website inside the game, but the development on the game side is extremely complex and takes time.”

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What do you think of this exciting development? Do you want to join these virtual storm chasers or do you feel safer far from hurricanes even in virtual worlds?

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