Street Artist Edits Ugly Graffiti to Make it Legible

You are bound to be impressed by this street artist's work.
Interesting Engineering

For some, cities are not aesthetically pleasing as concrete walls line the streets atop a sea of tar. While the grey is sometimes broken by a colorful array of ‘colorful’ language, it hardly lightens any area. However, some artists are attempting to enlighten cities with by overlapping existing terrible graffiti.

Some artists are making photo-realistic murals that brighten the city, while others add their artistic touch. While some artists attempt a coverup to mask the hideous nature, Mathieu Tremblin is taking a unique approach and turning existing graffiti into legible words.

Mathieu is a modern artist who is implementing his unique twist on city life  in order to question the systems of legislation, representation and symbolization of the city. His work is based around beautifying a society blinded by grey lines, be that in morality or construction. As a result, his work is often colorful and bright, while being in rather provocative arrangements.