Nose length is an indicator of the size of a man's penis, science says

“Big nose, big hose.”
Rupendra Brahambhatt
A man measuring the length of his nose.


A study published in 1971 reveals that nose length was considered an indicator of penis size in ancient Roman society. This may also explain why nose amputation was a popular Roman punishment for criminals found guilty of adultery or sex offenses at that time. However, the relation between nasal size and penis wasn’t proved scientifically until last year, when a team of Japanese researchers claimed in their study that men having big noses are likely to have long penises.

The researchers from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine examined 126 dead men aged between 30 to 50 years for three days after their death. Since a dead man can not have an erection, the researchers manually elongated the phalli (penises) of the corpses and noted the maximum length of each penis, also called the stretched penile length (SPL).

The researchers then compared the SPL of each corpse to its other body measurements such as height, weight, and size of different body parts (including limbs and nose). The results of this bizarre experiment were shocking.

The strange connection between nasal size and penile length

Nose length is an indicator of the size of a man's penis, science says
Nose measurements as taken into consideration by the researchers.
Hiroshi Ikegaya et al. 2022/Basic and Clinical Andrology

The minimum SPL among men having large nasal sizes was 5.3 inches (13.4 cm). On the other side, researchers found out that among corpses with small noses, the least stretched penile length was only 4.1 inches (10.4 cm).

“The most highly correlated factor with SPL was the flaccid penile length. The next highest correlation was nose size,” the researchers note in their paper.

The researchers believe that in the future, their study could play a crucial role in explaining the growth pattern of male genitals, their relation with facial features, and evaluating male sex hormone levels in babies before birth. The results of the study are quite fascinating; however, they are in contrast to what some previous studies have highlighted about penile length.

For instance, a study published in the journal PNAS in 2013 suggests that penis size, height, and body shape are related to each other and they collectively play an important role in deciding the overall sexual appeal of human males. Another 2011 research from the Asian Journal of Andrology reveals that the ratio of the sizes of the index finger and ring finger in humans shares an inverse relationship with penis length.

No such patterns were observed by the Japanese researchers when they compared SPL against limb size, height, and weight of the dead subjects. However, in one of their previous studies, the researchers conclude that penile length is associated with aging. “We found that penile length almost stopped increasing during adolescence, remained unchanged in middle age, and decreased slightly in older males,” said the authors of the study.

The latest SPL analysis of the cadavers suggests that apart from age, nasal size is the only factor linked to penis size. However, since the researchers studied only dead Japanese men, further research is required to collect more evidence related to their findings.

The study is published in the journal Basic and Clinical Andrology.


In a previous report, we investigated whether the size of male genitalia similarly exposed to serum testosterone during aging could change with age and found that penile length almost stopped increasing during adolescence and decreased in older males. In this report, to determine what factors other than age are related to penile length, we performed a multivariate analysis of the relationships between stretched penile length (SPL) and other measurements of genital organs, nose size, height and body weight in 126 adults in their 30s–50s.

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