Student designs concept airport built above city

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We have seen some weird and wonderful airports been built around the world but none is stranger than this recent concept airport from Alex Sutton. The plan is to put an airport and its runways above the streets. The concept was designed at part of the final year project of Sutton at the London architectural school.

[Image Source: Bartlett SA]

The Bartlett School of Architecture asked their students to come up with a utopian dream for the Unit 16 final project and Sutton answered with a concept of a Stockholm City Airport, however the airport isn't your traditional one on the ground, instead it features runways that are located high above the city. The taxi-track runways loop around the existing buildings and go over walkways and the wide streets.

[Image Source: Bartlett SA]

Passengers reach the airport via what is termed the Personal Rapid Transport system, which comprises of a series of pods which run along by the rails and these take passengers to the gates of the aircraft. They would have self-service baggage kiosks which would allow the passengers to tag and drop their bags off.

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Stockholm-City-airport-by-Alex-Sutton-4-537x384[Image Source: Bartlett SA]

Thanks to the developments that are being made in aviation the way is now clear for new architectural opportunities when it comes to the design of airports. This allow for a better relationship between the passengers, the airport and the city. The runways above the ground would save space along with helping to reduce emissions and the amount of noise.




[Image Source: Bartlett SA]

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