Students Build Formula Car From Scratch in 7 Months for $13,000

From CAD to reality, students share how they built their formula car for India’s biggest formula competition.
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From a teenage math whiz tutoring 600,000 students online to a very crafty 17-year-old building a fully functional wooden car, students are up to great things these days. Most recently, Redditor @dasmrinmoy619 shared his final year formula project, from CAD to reality, and it looks oh-so-good.

Formula Student Project - My Final Year Project CAD to Reality ? from r/EngineeringPorn

Mrinmoy Das, who worked as the Engine, Transmission, and Technical Lead of a team of 25 members under Lovely Professional University, SAEINDIA Collegiate Club, was the one who published his team's efforts on Reddit.


India's formula competition for students

The vehicles in question were done for SUPRA SAEINDIA, which is India's formula competition for students. The event gives a real-life platform for students who want to test their engineering skills.

Students from different colleges and universities participate with self-designed and manufacture formula prototype vehicles, and teams compete with each other in design evaluation, business presentation, cost evaluation, skidpad, acceleration, autocross, and endurance run of 22 kilometers. 

Learning from mistakes

For SUPRA SAEINDIA in 2018, the students  built IR F6, powered by the most powerful engine that was ever used by their team, which is a "Kawasaki 599CC, 4 cylinders, 128 HP without restriction."

Students Build Formula Car From Scratch in 7 Months for $13,000
Source: dasrinmoy619/Instagram

It looks pretty cool; however, it was apparently designed without thinking about the weight factor and was the heaviest vehicle in the endurance with 322 kilograms

Students Build Formula Car From Scratch in 7 Months for $13,000
Source: dasrinmoy619/Instagram

So now, for their next vehicle, they changed their mindset and decided to reduce weight and improve performance. 

After 165 days of work, IR F7 looks a little bit something like this. It only weighs 188.5 kilograms, and it apparently holds a special place in Das' heart since it is his final project in college.

120 kph, open-wheel, single-seater Formula

In response to a Reddit user, he wrote the specs of their car, and apparently, it is an "Open-wheel, single-seater Formula Student vehicle. Powered by ktm 390 engine. Tubular Spaceframe, 0-75 in 5.5 sec, Top Speed 120 kph, weight 188.5 kg, Front Double wishbone pull rod Suspension, Rear Double wishbone pushrod suspension.

"Front and rear split outboard braking system biasing by bias bar. Carbon fiber - Fiberglass composite body panel and strengthen by Balsa wood. Engine Specs 35 HP (3d printed/carbon fiber composite 20 mm restricted air intake)"

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In another post, he also stated that they tried their best to reduce the expense and spent 1,000,000 INR, which is 13,230 dollars. Moreover, from design to manufacturing, it took them seven months. 

Building footage of IR F6

While he hasn't posted the process of building IR F6, you can watch the students built IR F6 in 129 days from scratch here.

What an adventure it must have been! It doesn't hurt that they look so good too.