Students Spot Colossal Anaconda Crossing Road, And She's Not Alone

A snake slithered in front of a group of students in Brazil, along with a group of baby snakes.
Brad Bergan

A group of veterinary students chanced upon a slippery roadblock while moving through a jungle in Brazil — where a colossal anaconda slithered her way across the dirt track.

And she was not alone.


Snake Road 1
An anaconda snake slithered her way across the dirt road. Source: Vida Selvagem - Lei da Sobrevivência / Facebook

Giant anaconda snake crosses road, with her children

The veterinary students were impressed with what they saw. But they weren't the only ones held up from their journey on the dirt path. A lizard was also stopped dead at the roadside — figuratively speaking, and surely relieved to know the snake family had other things to do than eat.

In the video shared on Facebook, the group of students watch in awe as the scene plays out, about which they said: "It's not everywhere you see something like this — especially not in college," said a student to Globo News. "It was very unusual."

Anaconda snakes are scary, but the climate crisis is worse

Jungles and forests still blanket roughly 30% of the planet's surface, but every year a larger swath of nature is lost due to the effects of global climate change.

While we don't think everyone should go plant new forests to preserve the habitat of creatures like the mother snake above — it wouldn't hurt the planet.

A man named Jadav Payeng — also called the Forest Man of India — spent 30 years planting trees to create a man-made forest roughly 550 hectares. Thanks to his work, wildlife came back to the environment, which is incredible.

In the last 70 years, a forest on Majuli Island had shrunk by more than half. Concerns have emerged that it might fully submerge in the next 20 years — which is why, after a now-defunct government program, Payeng began planting bamboo and other species of trees for 30 years.

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While we can't say for sure whether anaconda snake crossings will remain an anxiety-inducing treat for the eyes of passersby forever, one could certainly argue they have as much to worry about as us when it comes to losing a standard of living as the global toll of the climate crisis rises.

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