Stunning luxury in the underwater room at the Manta Resort, Tanzania

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There are luxury holidays and then there are truly stunning luxury holidays and one of the best that falls in the latter category has to be a stay in the underwater room at the Manta Resort in Tanzania. This is an exotic floating island that offers an underwater stand-alone suite of which you will never have seen before.

manta-resort-underwater-room-normal[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

Two levels are situated above the level of the water, the top level being the perfect place for catching the sun during the day and watching the sun set and star gazing at night. There is also a water deck which is the perfect place for a romantic dining experience or for just lounging around in paradise during the day. Meanwhile, set four meters below the surface of the crystal clear turquoise water is the bedroom. Imagine drifting off to sleep as you watch fish glide by, waking up in the morning surrounded by the blue expanse of ocean. A stay in the underwater suite at the Manta Resort is an experience of a lifetime and one that will stay with you long after the holiday is over.

manta-resort-underwater-room11[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

The bedroom is the most stunning and beautiful parts of the floating island. It surrounds you within your very own turquoise bubble, which allows you to take in the shoals of reef fish that often swim by in four different layers of species starting just above the floor of the reef. The three levels of the underwater suite were designed by Swedish engineers, with the two levels having been constructed from local hardwood.

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The landing deck is at sea level and this is where the lounge along with bathroom facilities is located. Climb up the ladder to the roof and you reach the lounge area, where you can sleep underneath the stars, offering a view that is outstanding thanks to a lack of pollution.

manta-resort-underwater-room14[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

It is underneath the water where the real magic takes place. Here you sleep on a double bed which is surrounded by 360 degree views out into the ocean. At night the underwater spotlights provide a serene view in the underwater world that surrounds you, where if you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of squid, octopus and Spanish dancers.

manta-resort-underwater-room10[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

The underwater suite is situated 250m from the stunning shoreline of the white sandy beach. A boat takes you from the shore in a couple of minutes to your very own tropical paradise. Guests have their own boat captain who will serve you a light tropical lunch and welcoming ice cold drink, while kayak, snorkel gear and fins are provided for you to make the most of the beautiful warm waters and coral reefs that surround you. Dinner is served on the deck of your island at a time to suit you, the same applies to breakfast.

DCIM100GOPRO[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

The underwater suite is located at the Blue Hole; this is an anomaly within a coral reef, which can be seen from the terrace of the Manta Resort. Being 250m from the shoreline and at high tide is around 12m deep and 50m wide in diameter. It is a circular hole that has many large coral heads, which means the marine life is abundant here and it is the perfect place for the underwater room as it is protected.

DCIM100GOPRO[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

DCIM100GOPRO[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

The Manta Resort is elevated on one of the most idyllic of tropical island beaches on the north point of the island. It faces west to the sunset and is the perfect location for romance, privacy, water sports and a little adventure among one of the best island sanctuaries in East Africa.

manta-resort-underwater-room13[Image Source: Jesper Anhede]

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