Sustainable home built with screwdriver in four days

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Multipod Studio, an architectural firm in France, recently announced a new sustainable home by way of a prototype, that is recyclable and which promises to be inexpensive and very efficient to run. The “Pop-Up House” can be assembled in just four days, according to the company and the only tool needed to put the home together is an electric screwdriver.

pop_up_house-1[Image Source: Multipod]

The Pop-Up home measures 150 square meters with the interior having a large open space that offers kitchen, dining and living room. There are two bathrooms, one master bedroom, two more bedrooms, an office and even a terrace, ideal for relaxing on once you have completed the construction of your new home.

pop_up_house-4[Image Source: Multipod]

The structure of the Pop-Up home is made of a spruce wood frame and is very simple to build. It comes with a laminate veneer wooden floor and insulation takes the form of polystyrene blocks. The whole house is held together with wood screws. The firm behind it, Multipod Studio, said putting it together was like building a house with Lego bricks and there is no prior construction experience needed when it comes to assembling the home.

pop_up_house-11[Image Source: Multipod]

The Pop-Up home offers excellent insulation and thermal envelope which is airtight, which means that no additional source of heating is needed. However this would depend where you located the home, no heating is needed for it in the South of France. The home does meet the energy standard of Passivhause, whose standards are exacting. This means that the home should be efficient to heat when built in chillier parts of the world.

pop_up_house-30[Image Source: Multipod]

At the moment the Pop-Up house remains in the prototype stages, with the finer details of the home lacking. There are been a preliminary price tag on the house though and it will cost around 30,000 Euros, or US $41,000. However this price tag includes labor charges but not such things as electricity, plumbing or waterproofing.

pop_up_house-25[Image Source: Multipod]

Multipod Studio was founded by Corentin Thiercelin in Marseille, France, where the studio combines product design with architecture. The team has a passion for furniture along with architecture and Corentin had training as an engineer which shaped his approach in creating solutions and products that are innovative. MultiPod is able to incorporate their knowledge of their manufacturing procedures straight into the conceptual process. They are driven by functionality and take a basic approach to offer quality sustainable designs that far outlive any fads or tends. They use only raw quality materials so as to create a warm and authentic identity. Along with offering the Pop-Up house, the company offers a range of interior decorations and furniture.

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