The Tago Arc is a versatile E-paper bracelet

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There are many beautiful bracelets on the market but the only thing wrong with them is that you can get fed up of its look or it doesn’t go with something that you are going to wear. Rather than go out and purchase a new bracelet why not change the one you have and give it a different look. This is what you will be able to do if a concept bracelet from Liber8 Technology called the Tago Arc goes into production .


[Image Source: LibersTech]

The Tago Arc is a bracelet with a difference that you can never get bored of when it comes down to looks. This is down to the fact that the high tech premium bracelet has a band with a design that you can change when you want. The bracelet differs from others in that it doesn’t have a design etched or moulded onto it. Instead, it uses an E-paper display that is curved around the bracelet and it shows designs that the owner can change whenever they want.


[Image Source: LibersTech]

The technology in the Tago Arc is smart as it doesn’t need to be continually powered to show the design. E-paper only needs power when it is changing whatever is being shown on the display. This means that it doesn’t have to have a battery or charging ports on it allowing it to be as slim as any other typical bracelet. It uses an NFC chip for the interface for switching the image shown on the band and it is this that allows it to get the new design along with a bit of juice at the same time.

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[Image Source: LibersTech]

When you want to change the image shown on the bracelet all you do is choose your design on the accompanying  phone app and then hold the phone and bracelet together and the image will fully render in around 5 to 15 seconds. That’s all you have to do, you now have a new bracelet design. Images to be used on the bracelet can be downloaded from the app or you can import them from your own library.

The Tago Arc bracelet concept is constructed to be premium looking with a frame that is made from light high quality steel which has been finished in black, silver or gold. The E-ink panel uses 16 shades of grey for the display. Liber8 Tech are currently raising funds on Indiegogo and if you want to get your hands on one you can make a pledge of $259.

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