Take a dip in the world’s largest seawater swimming pool lagoon

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With summer coming up fast many people are now looking forward to taking a well-deserved holiday. One of the things that many people think about is lounging around the resort pool and catching some rays. However there are swimming pools and then there are huge swimming pools and at the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile, they have one that is enormous. They have the world’s largest seawater pool, which earned it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to it being 3,324 feet in length; has an area of 19.77 acres and holds more than 66,000,000 gallons of seawater. This is equivalent to 6,000 standard sized swimming pools of 26 feet in length!

8891_28020842828[Image Source: San Alfonso Del Mar]

The San Alfonso Del Mar lagoon has crystal clear blue water pools with transparency to a depth of 115 feet. During the summer months you can expect to take a dip in the lagoon with the temperature being 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only does the lagoon look stunning, it has a purpose, which is to provide protection for swimmers from the waves that are known to be rough along the coast in the region.

35[Image Source: San Alfonso Del Mar]

The company behind the massive swimming pool lagoon is Crystal Lagoons Corporation. The company managed to develop some very innovative technology so that they could permanently re-circulate seawater by rotating it around. The water from the ocean is taken in and it is then circulated around the system, before then pumping out at the opposite end.

33[Image Source: San Alfonso Del Mar]

Fernando Fischmann, a biochemist Chilean businessman founded Crystal Lagoons and he said that thanks to advancements in engineering they company was able to build an artificial paradise, even in some of the most inhospitable regions.

25[Image Source: San Alfonso Del Mar]

He said "As long as we have access to unlimited seawater, we can make it work, and it causes no damage to the ocean."

Thanks to the sheer size of the lagoon it is very easy to forget that you are in fact swimming in an artificial lagoon. You could easily believe that you were out in the natural ocean swimming or sunbathing at the side of the ocean. With the scale of the pool it is possible to take out a small boat and go sailing.

13[Image Source: San Alfonso Del Mar]

The resort took more than 5 years to build and came in at a cost of around $1.9 million, with maintenance each year costing $4 million. The resort offers pure luxury with its private white sand beaches along with palm trees, a warm water beach indoors, heated sand, water jet massage and waterfalls.

2[Image Source: San Alfonso Del Mar]

1[Image Source: San Alfonso Del Mar]

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