Take a Virtual Guided Tour Through Mercedes-Benz Museum

This detailed virtual museum tour is for the car enthusiasts out there who are bored out of their minds. Hop in!
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The pandemic might have stopped you from visiting the much-anticipated tourist stops; however, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait until the end of the quarantine to see new places. Numerous places are offering a virtual look into their premises for you to enjoy.

Mercedes-Benz Museum, where you can get up close and personal with the most historic cars ever crafted, is one of them. There’ll be some time before you can actually visit its building in Stuttgart, Germany, so think of this as a warm-up tour.

Through their website, the museum not only lets you take a virtual visit of the entire space through 360-degree views, but you can also learn the history behind the company's wildest production, race, and concept cars in detail through their respective categories.


You can see Mercedes-Benz's 160 vehicles and more than 1,500 exhibits through nine exhibition levels within 16,500 square meters of space. Luckily, you won't need to walk that much.

Stroll through the Legend Exhibits

The Mercedes-Benz Legend takes you through seven chronologically ordered arrangements of exhibits. You, the visitor, can meet iconic vehicles for special areas of automotive development. Starting from the invention of the automobile, you can stroll through important developments in history.

In Legend 1, you can learn about the invention of the automobile and check out the baby-cars. Moreover, you will be learning about the brains behind the first automobiles.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Legend 2, takes you through the birth of the brand. Not only you get to read about Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, but also you can see 18 PS Benz double phaeton, 20/35 PS Benz landaulet, and many more.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Did you know that automobiles and airplanes actually went hand in hand during a certain time period? Legend 3 touches on the subject of engines and World War 1. You can take a good look at the aircraft engines that powered the skies once.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Post-World War 2, the world experienced a change of form and diversity, and these changes are presented in the Legend 4 through the automobiles of that era. The most beautiful cars that you can see are waiting for you on this floor, with vibrant colors and quirky designs.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Legend 5 forges the bond between Mercedes-Benz and safety. Moreover, always been pioneers in the systematic development of environmental compatibility, you can see how Mercedes-Benz researchers furthered the safety measures in cars.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum

And Legend 6 is where your eye starts to recognize cars from your childhood. These cars belong to an era of great social and political changes, and one can see the changes Mercedes-Benz went through because of it.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum

The final exhibition Legend 7 is where things get fast and heavy, and tells the story of Mercedes-Benz’s automobile race history. Silver Arrows are an important part of racing history which will leave you breathless. Figuratively. 

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum

All in all, the museum pays homage to the brand's old and new and takes you through a journey of innovation. It truly is a car enthusiast’s dream, and amazingly, it doesn't stop here. 

Take a virtual guided tour of the museum

You can take a virtual guided tour of the museum through Mercedes-Benz’s Instagram story highlights.

Source: Mercedes-Benz/Instagram

Also, you can take a virtual guided G-Class tour too.

Source: Mercedes-Benz/Instagram

Night at the Mercedes-Benz Museum 

Moreover, have you ever romanticized about visiting a museum at night? Or being locked up in it once everyone else leaves? Mercedes-Benz has a YouTube video where you can venture through the museum’s halls. It feels spooky, it feels sort of cinematic, and seriously, it is all you need. 

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