Talented Girl Drew Amazing Game of Thrones Map for her Brother

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Lena is a skilled young girl who likes handy art crafts and DIY ideas. She is also a great sister, who drew an amazing Game of Thrones map as a gift to her brother.

At 20 years old, Lena has art skills and likes to paint photorealistic artworks as well as being into handcrafting. Recently she shared the pictures of a Game of Thrones map, drew by herself in more than 120 hours, as a gift to her brother, who is a huge fan of the series.

game-of-thrones-map1[Image Source: LenArt]

She tells on her Facebook page that she was looking for a big Game of Thrones map to make a surprise to his brother, who became a fan of the series, but she couldn't find any satisfying one in German, to print as a poster. So, she decided to use her skills to draw it by herself and did a great job.

game-of-thrones-map6[Image Source: LenArt]

Lena says that she spent more than 120 hours painting this huge Game of Thrones poster, written in German which dimensioned is 1.50m x 1.20m.

game-of-thrones-map4[Image Source: LenArt]

"It took me several hours to paint all these mountains, trees, and tiny houses – and yes, sometimes it definitively was getting on my nerves. But I wouldn’t give up!" she says.

She 'created' the crackling effect to give an old look by using deco varnish. She even wrote the legend of the map on it in German. 'Die bekannte Welt; Westeros, Essos und der entfernte Osten'

game-of-thrones-map5[Image Source: LenArt]

Lena says that she painted many tiny detailed houses on Westeros. Westeros is a continent located in the far west of the known world. It is separated from the continent of Essos by a strip of water known as the Narrow Sea. Most of the action in Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros.

game-of-thrones-map8[Image Source: LenArt]

She shared her brother's picture with the map as well. The map is obviously quite big compared to the guy. She eventually created a blog page to share tutorials, recipes and DIY projects and more. The young girl has only 68 followers on her Facebook page, but it looks like she’ll get the attention she deserves in near future.

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game-of-thrones-map[Image Source: LenArt]

Lenna says that she has born in Treves, one of the oldest cities in Germany in 1996 and she is passionate about drawing, sewing and baking. And she wants to share her works on her blog page, himmelsblauundabendrot.

game-of-thrones-map7[Image Source: LenArt]

She says that she is mostly into having a cup of tea while reading or cycling around Treves if she is not crafting. Well, the young girl is obviously a talented and gave a heart-whelming gift to her brother. Her brother looks really happy to get such a precious gift.

"For those who want to know even more (useless ^_^) facts about me will find them in the article
"10 facts about me"

If you want to see her works and support Lena, you can follow her Facebook page, Instagram and her blog named Himmelsblauundabendrot.

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