Talented Man Created an Incredible Gemstone from a Beer Bottle!

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A Chinese man, who wanted to give an engagement ring to his girlfriend, made an incredible gemstone by shaping a green beer bottle piece, and the result is quite stunning.

What makes a stone precious? Being rare? Or the brilliancy, shape or the chemical composition of it? They all are surely important parameters to identify a gemstone. On the other hand, there is another important factor, which makes it really valued, being created out of love, by hands that love someone deeply.

gemstone-by-beer-bottle6[Image source: Huanqiu]

According to the Chinese website, a Chinese man knew that t. So he decided tohe perfect gem would be handmade. He used his talent to craft a green gemstone made from a beer bottle and created a ring, as an engagement gift. Nobody is sure if he wanted to fool his girlfriend. There are also rumors that the guy was a student of Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University, and it was his school project. But does is it matter? Whatever the reason of making this well shaped and brilliant gemstone, it does not changing the result…

gemstone-by-beer-bottle5[Image source: Huanqiu]

As we can see in the pictures, the man cut the bottom of the beer bottle, which is the thickest part of the glass, to make a bigger stone. Cutting a piece of glass is not easy without breaking and destroying the material, especially with a basic pliers. So, the impressive process starts at this point, which proves the guy’s talent.

gemstone-by-beer-bottle4[Image source: Huanqiu]

In the second step, as we can see in the pictures, he rubs the stone with emery, nicely, and patiently, for a long time. The loveliest things are always made with passion, even if it’s not under ideal circumstances, as we can guess.

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gemstone-by-beer-bottle3[Image source: Huanqiu]

The cutting and shaping process obviously requires important skills to create the geometry and make the small flat facets at regular intervals, at exact angles. That’s what a round cut gemstone needs to have to look perfect. On the other hand, a gem cutter should know the basic optic physics rules to get the perfect result, because light is what makes a gemstone brilliant.

round-cut-gemstone[Image source: Patentdocs]

Due to the mechanics of round cut stones, it is generally superior to fancy shapes at properly reflecting light, maximizing potential brightness. This cutting technique depends on scientific research which was published in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky called "Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond". His work described the ideal proportions of a round cut gemstone for maximizing light returns or brilliance and dispersion. So, the Chinese man chose this shape to cut his gemstone with it being the most ideal shape.

gemstone-by-beer-bottle2[Image source: Huanqiu]

The man uses a faceting machine to polishing small flat facets at regular intervals, at exact angles. After a polishing and shining process, the glass piece becomes an amazing and expensive looking "emerald", as we can see in the pictures.

gemstone-by-beer-bottle[Image source: Huanqiu]

We are not sure if the rumors are true or not. Even a woman claimed that she is his schoolmate and it was his school project. Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all. The pictures were shared on China’s social media around 10,000 times and got big attention. We could say that his work is absolutely deserving all the attention since it impressed many people.

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