Teacher Uses Clever Experiment to Show Kids How Washing Hands Fights off the Coronavirus

The experiment is bound to have an impact on some adults too.
Loukia Papadopoulos

With the coronavirus running amok, people everywhere are washing their hands like crazy and using disinfectants whenever they can. However, it is much harder to explain to children why washing your hands is so crucial.


A clever experiment

These lovable munchkins are not known for their cleanliness as they love to be free and run around doing whatever they please without consequence. That is why one teacher came up with a clever way to illustrate why it is so important to wash your hands.

Amanda Lorenzo from Miami-Dade County Public School district shared her experiment on Instagram and it went viral. The experiment is a simple one and involves using a bowl of water, some pepper and a little bit of soap.

Lorenzo put some pepper in the water and asked one of the students to put her finger in it. Obviously the pepper stuck to the student's finger.

Lorenzo then explained to the student that the pepper was like the virus. "Do you see any virus on your finger?" asked Lorenzo when the student removed her finger.

The class replied that there was indeed some pepper, ie virus, on the student's finger. Then, Lorenzo asked the same student to dip her finger in soap.

"This is the importance of how we wash our hands," said the teacher. She then asked the student to dip her now soapy finger in the bowl of water and pepper.

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Much to all the students' surprise, the pepper moved away from the student's finger. "How did it move?" asked the excited students.

Lorenzo replied: " You see how important it is to wash your hands." The students continued to be amazed by the pepper's movement.

As for why the pepper scatters when faced with soap; Pepper, by nature, floats on the water's surface as a result of tension. Soap, however, breaks the surface tension of the water. When soap touches the water, water breaks and moves to the sides all the while carrying the pepper on its surface.

We bet these adorable munchkins will be washing their hands a lot more often now and maybe we will too!

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