Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses

Here's some ingenious office pranks that will certainly help break the 9-5 monotony. Perhaps you could give them a try yourself.
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Most offices have that one office clown who spends an inordinate amount of time just winding people up. Sometimes its funny, most of the time annoying, but at least it breaks up the monotony of the day. With that in mind, here are 10 of the most despicable yet ingenious office pranks. 

1. The ever-shifting desk

Kicking off our list of ingenious office pranks is Reddit user /u/Nelfoos5. He sits by a guy who also happens to be his friend. Their desks are separated by a moveable divider. 

Ever since he moved beside his friend 2 weeks previously, he decided to move the divider by one centimeter each day. At the time of taking this photograph, he'd managed to creep the divider by 13 centimeters

Interestingly any future desk-grabbing will need his colleague's computer to be moved. We wonder how he got on?

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: ajbrownlie5/Imgur

2. Less than subtle hints

It's always awkward talking about money, to well, anyone. But when it comes to your boss and asking for a pay rise this really can become an issue for most people. What is worse is when you might be told that the company has no budget for it or you need to wait.

One solution /u/tinker_dinker tried was is to start wearing suits to work. Not every day but perhaps once a week, maybe twice. Take a break then start again a few weeks later. This will make your boss think you going for interviews during your lunch break or after work. 

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Pixabay

3. Screenshot fun

This one is just cruel really. /u/Pineapplespaceman decided to mess with a work colleague by creating a new folder on their desktop. He called it 'Russian Dwarf Porn" and then took a screenshot.

The clever bit was that he set the screenshot as the desktop image. The chaps poor victim took far too long to realize why he wasn't able to delete it.

Very devious indeed.

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Pixabay

4. Duct tape special effects

/u/FinalEdit chose to use duct tape for a pretty cruel office prank. He noted that you can fray duct tape and pull it off into long sticky threads.

He made a single long piece and stuck it down the side of his manager's new car. This made it look like there was a deep, horrifyingly long scratch on the paintwork. His boss was mortified until he realized the truth of the situation. 

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Good harmless fun until the boss finds out who it was of course. Though we doubt he ever did.

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Pixabay

5. Auto-correct fun

This one is a prime example of why you should always lock your computer when away from it. Reddit user /u/USMC_0481 decided to play a devious office prank on one of his colleagues by playing with their auto-correct settings on Outlook. 

He decided to set up a rule where whenever they type their name it adds a ridiculous title.

This could be anything, for example:

Tom Smith = His eloquence, master of ceremonial duck herding, and debater of microwave etiquette, Thomas "The Velvet Hammer" Smith, Esq.


Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Pixabay

6. Imaginary pets

It's always handy to have a ready-made excuse to get out of those awkward social work events. /u/BartholomewOobleck decided to take that to a whole new level. They decided to invent a pet cat which they called Winston. They even downloaded pictures of a random cat to their phone in case of annoying questions.

Whenever a work event comes up that they want to avoid they avoided it by saying "I have to get home and feed the cat!". Very ingenious indeed. 

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Pixabay

7. Paperclip photocopying fun

This one is hilarious. /u/Irishguygolfer decided to take 20 copies of a paperclip and put the photocopies back into the paper tray of the copier. 

A colleague came by to use the machine only to find random paperclips on her photocopies. Clearly, she was a little confused. She would go on to spend about 20 minutes searching the machine for the offending paperclip to no avail.

This pranks poor victim even went to the extent of opening drawing and using a flashlight to find it. Very cruel but incredibly devious.

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Quibik/Wikimedia Commons

8. Wireless mouse fun

/u/CrepescularPizza decided to plug a wireless mouse into their work mate's computer. Obviously without them knowing. A few times a day they jiggle their wireless mouse around. Just enough to hear their colleague slam their conventional mouse down on the desk in frustration.

They'd then stop. Sometimes they would even walk over to the desk 'for a chat'. Obviously with the mouse. And once again mess with their colleagues head by moving it around a bit.

"When they we go to click on something I would just move the mouse just slightly so they couldn't actually hover over what they wanted to click. It was brilliant!"

Very, very cruel indeed.

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Marekich/Wikimedia Commons

9. Pronunciation prank

Here's another despicable yet ingenious office prank. /u/Stickymeowmeow takes it upon himself to incorrectly correct people's pronunciation. 

"Like they’ll say beignet “ben-yay” and I’ll say, “actually, it’s ‘bang-yet’."

Of course, most of the time it's obvious what he's doing but "But every so often I’ll actually convince someone they’re wrong. And it’s glorious. " He says.

"It’s a pretty low success rate but when you hear someone use the wrong pronunciation in a conversation months later and you know you did that, it makes it all worth it."


10. Nicholas Cage galore

And last but by no means least is this cruel example of ingenious office pranks. This fella decided, for some reason, to print out 9 pictures of Nicholas Cage.

He then 'hid' them around a coworkers cubicle, as you do. He later admitted to them that is was indeed him who hid the pictures in their workspace.

Yes all 10 of them! 

Ten Clever Pranks Crafted by Evil Geniuses
Source: Megapixie /Wikimedia Commons

So there you go 10 of the most despicable yet ingenious office pranks. Do you have any funny examples you'd like to share? Feel free to comment below.

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