Terrifying Drive-In Haunted House Opens in Japan

If coronavirus is not scary enough for you, you might enjoy this.
Derya Ozdemir
The photo credit line may appear like thisKowagarasetai

It is hard to believe, but Halloween is approaching as numerous months have gone unnoticed with millions struggling with the pandemic. Numerous companies have fast adapted to giving their services differently while making sure people maintain their distance and stay healthy.

One such Japanese company has turned the haunted house experience into something corona-friendly by making it drive-thru. 


Kowagarasetai is the Japanese haunted house and horror event production company that is behind the first-ever drive-in haunted house. Located in a big garage in Minato-ku, Tokyo, the experience involves the guests playing a ghost story through the car radio. Of course, in order to make the experience even more lively, ghosts and zombies jump out at the vehicle randomly.

Terrifying Drive-In Haunted House Opens in Japan
Source: Kowagarasetai

Kenta Iwana, Kowagarasetai's founder, told CNN Travel that he knew the good-old traditional house had to be a thing of the past amid the pandemic. He said, "When I read that drive-through theaters were making a comeback, it was my 'aha' moment."

The concept is rather simple, you drive your personal car into the parking garage in a nondescript building and the company makes you feel like you're stuck in a car during a zombie outbreak for $75. If you don't have a car, you still can enjoy the experience by the vehicle provided by Kowagarasetai for $85.

Terrifying Drive-In Haunted House Opens in Japan
Source: Kowagarasetai

To give you an idea of how it goes, the experience lasts 17 minutes. The visitors are instructed to listen to a spooky tale after turning off the engine, and the garage door shutter closes, engulfing them in total darkness. Numerous ghouls and zombies with scary faces press themselves against the windows and rock the car to complete that zombie apocalypse vibe.

The experience had initially started out as a summer-only attraction, much like Paris' floating movie theater with socially distant boats; however, it is to return this fall after seeing a lot of attention from the public. Kowagarasetai states that they are taking all kinds of precautions to keep the experience safe both for actors and customers.

Terrifying Drive-In Haunted House Opens in Japan
Source: Kowagarasetai

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