Tesla Cancels Solar Roof Orders 3 Years After Taking Deposits

The people who've paid the deposit three years ago are now being told that they won't get the solar roofs.
Derya Ozdemir

Tesla solar panels have been on the talks for some time, but they've taken a good deal of time to materialize in the homes of its customers.

Now, some Tesla customers who had previously paid deposits are being told through emails that they won't get them since their homes are not located within Tesla's service areas, according to a report in Electrek.  


The email

The email read, "Upon further review, your home is not located within our currently planned service territory. The driving distance from our closest warehouse would make it difficult for us to provide you the high-quality service that our customers deserve. For this reason, we will not be able to proceed with your project.

"If you agree with our assessment, a response is not required. You will be receiving a refund of your deposit within 7-10 business days to the card used when placing your order. If you have additional questions or want more clarification, please reply to this email or call us at 877-701-7652."

Reservation holders are disappointed

As of now, people in Oregon and Michigan have got the email.

Understandably, these Tesla solar roof reservation holders are quite disappointed with the way Tesla handled the situation since it's been three years since they gave them a $1,000 deposit and it is only now that they are being told they won't get the solar roofs.

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History of the solar roof

 The solar roof tile debuted in 2017, and Tesla started taking pre-orders $1,000 deposits. Apparently, Tesla thought that the installations would begin soon after, even stating international installations could start in 2018.

However, since Tesla ran into many problems while testing the roof, they had to make several changes which lead to the launch of Solar Roof V3 in 2019. 

Although they amped up the production and went on a hiring spree for roofer since then, this new update is making people all around ask "What is Tesla's solar roof tiles?" since it looks like they'll take some more time to materialize.

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