Tesla Drops Price of Luxury Models

The limited range Model S and Model X are now slightly cheaper.
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In good news for those considering an electric vehicle, Tesla has made some changes to its pricing for the 100 kWh versions of the Model S and X now as the old 75 kWh version won't be available for purchase. 

The Model S is now selling for $85,000, with its range locked by software to 310 miles (498 kilometers). The Model X is currently only for $88,000, with a 270-mile (434-kilometre) range. 

If you think you need a bit more range, then the regular versions of the 100 kWh are still available. These cars add an extra $8,000 to the bill but have the "Extended Range" title to their name. These cars have also slightly lowered in price. 

If speed is more your thing the faster models known as the "Model S and X Performance," and are priced at $112,000 for the Model S and $117,000 for the Model X. 

Tesla ended the sales of the cheapest versions of the Model S and Model X which had a 75 kWh battery pack at the start of January. 

Tesla streamlines production of their batteries

Tesla now only produces one type of battery for all models of the Model X and Model S now. This streamlining is likely part of Tesla's more significant effort to reduce production delays and make a profit. Other attempts to speed up production involves minimizing the amounts of color customers can choose from. 

Tesla had a tumultuous 2018, but are looking strong in 2019. The model 3 was recently approved for sale in Europe, and so far CEO Elon Musk hasn’t spread any Twitter controversies.

Earlier in January MarketWatch reported that the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (NVA) approved the sales of Tesla Model 3 EVs to the European Market after Tesla satisfied regulators that the Model 3 met the requirements for cars in the European Union. 

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Europe set to embrace Model 3

The NVA has governing regulatory authority over cars sold in the European Union as a whole. Tesla had been expecting approval and had been getting ready by opening pre-orders for European customers last month. 

Electrek reported last week that Tesla has already begun shipping Model 3 EVs overseas. The news of the approval came after Tesla announced it would expand the supercharger network across the entire European continent. 

Tesla leaves horrible 2018 behind them

Europe is turning to EV at a rapid rate, and Model 3 is sure to have a positive impact on those trends. Plug-in electric vehicle sales in Europe have soared 24% over 2018

It has been reported that Tesla expects to sell more than 100,000 Model 3s in Europe this year alone. Pre-orders have been high since Tesla began taking them last month and they expect to ship 3,000 Model 3 EVs to Europe every week through February. 

The company is aiming to be more cash positive this year. Last year, it slashed 7 percent of its workforce in a bid to increase performance and cut sagging overheads.

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