Tesla Files Lawsuit Against Rivian For Stealing Confidential Records

The race between two EV companies got heated up by a recent case filed by Tesla.
Deniz Yildiran
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Tesla has sued its competitor Rivian for stealing confidential information related to diverse business operations from recruitment to trade secrets. Rivian completely denied the allegations and called them "baseless". 

The two competitors joined the electric-car race a long time ago. Intrinsically, their new designs Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck already started being compared on many platforms.


This may seem like an insider leaking at first but in fact, it isn’t. Tesla alleged that former employees left the company taking confidential documents with them and later were hired by Rivian.

While Tesla is not opposing its former employees taking their new positions at Rivian, the company did not want to accept the recent case.

The case was filed in Santa Clara Superior Court in San Jose, California. 

Four employees suspected

Tesla listed four employees to have taken different kinds of documents from the company, reported CNN

Two of the mentioned employees reportedly started working at Rivian's recruiting departments, and one of them took recruitment plans, payments, and bonus information, claims Tesla. 

The third one supposedly shared secret records of a new factory construction involving robotics and manufacturing automation processes. The employee is known to have worked at the health and safety department at Tesla before. 

Last but not least, Rivian allegedly hired a Tesla manager to represent a list of the company’s employees with a proven record in managing electric vehicle charging networks. Rivian expectedly has an eye on possible candidates who are still working at Tesla. 

"This dispute stems from Rivian's efforts to misappropriate Tesla's trade secret, confidential and proprietary information by recruiting Tesla employees and encouraging them to take such information as they leave Tesla," the lawsuit concluded, CNN reports.

Tesla has also poached back in time

Apart from the recent court case, Tesla is known to have hired employees from other direct competitors in the past. 

In 2016, Tesla, Inc. hired Volkswagen production executive Peter Hochholdinger as vice president of Vehicle Productions. Hochholdinger spent 22 years at Audi, a member of the Volkswagen Group responsible for the entire production chain. After some years, he moved from Tesla to Lucid Motors, though.

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