Tesla Is Hiring Software Engineers To Develop Its Own Car Video Games

The company offers three different locations for the ads.
Deniz Yildiran

Not a day goes by without news about Tesla's innovations or sensational records. As it continues to grow and becomes the 7th largest company in the US, the next plan naturally occurs: developing video games.

A short list

Tesla plans to hire its own developers for a new video game unique to the company. A job listing was posted on the website for engineers specialized in infotainment software to join the team. 


Two years ago, Elon Musk had announced that some of the best classic Atari games were to be found in the EVs, within Tesla Software 9.0's update. It hasn't been too much time since they attempted to change that in favor of the company.  The touch-screen displays will likely present a production of their own now. 

The job title is posted as "Video Games Engineer, Infotainment Software" as a full-time position. The applicants have the chance to choose one out of three different locations: Washington, California, and Texas. 

What the company brings to the light to encourage applicants is their ambition to create the best video game content available in-car. 

Including an internship opportunity 

"Our goal is to set the bar for what video games in a car can be; much of this is uncharted territory having never been done before. We want to work with people who are excited by this goal and have the talent to deliver on it." the ad explained.

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For those who are enthusiastic engineering students or the ones who want to advance their skills in video game development, Tesla also provides them with another opening: an internship. It will introduce the applicants with the program in the upcoming spring and summer of 2021. 

When Tesla first included the Atari games in its fashionable EVs, Pole Position, Tempest, and Missile Command, the users were able to play them in a parked position. Now we hope that the upcoming games don't turn out to be too addicting to play while driving!

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