Tesla Model 3 Maneuvers Out of the Way of Traffic Barrel

Tesla keeps on making improvements to its autopilot feature.
Donna Fuscaldo
The photo credit line may appear like thisDirty Tesla Youtube video screen grab

Tesla's autopilot feature keeps getting better and better and for good reason. It has to be near perfect in order for self-driving to be accepted by the masses. 

While Tesla critics are quick to call out what's wrong with its autopilot, it keeps moving ahead and proving them wrong. The latest examples comes from a viral video making the rounds. 


Autopilot does it gently 

Posted on YouTube by Dirty Tesla, who was filming a Tesla challenge where he tries to let the autopilot do everything, the video shows a Tesla Model 3 able to avoid a construction barrel as the vehicle travels at speeds of about 78 mph.

With the vehicle in autopilot, the car gently moves over into the left lane and recenters itself to get out of the way of the construction barrel. 

A work in progress 

The ability for autopilot to get out of the way of construction cones is welcome news to Tesla fans. In the summer, Electrek posted a video of a Tesla Model 3 crashing into 11 construction cones while in autopilot. At the time the driver blamed the Automatic Emergency Braking feature.  There have been other videos in which autopilot can't get out of the way of an obstacle. 

Tesla has been issuing upgrades to its software on a regular basis for the past few years, adding more capabilities to autopilot. The ability to maneuver around construction cones is one of the most recent examples. 

In September Tesla rolled out Verison 10.0 of its software via an over-the-air-update. Thanks to it, Tesla owners who have enhanced autopilot are able to summon their vehicles from a parking lot without the need for a driver. The car has to remain in the sight of the owner and if a crash happens, the owner is responsible not Tesla.


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