Tesla Model 3 Slams Into Truck While on Autopilot, Video Shows

A viral video shows a Tesla Model 3 slamming into an overturned trick — reportedly on Autopilot — testing the feature's mettle.
Brad Bergan

A viral video of a Tesla Model 3 slamming into a truck on the highway while reportedly set to Autopilot recently surfaced, according to a YouTube video from a local Taiwanese news source.


Tesla 'on Autopilot' slams into overturned truck

In the incident — which Elektrek reports happened in Taiwan on Sunday — an overturned truck was blocking a lane on a highway, with the roof of its towed box exposed to oncoming traffic.

This is when a Tesla Model 3 owner reportedly driving on autopilot-assisted features failed to notice the impending collision. Neither did the autopilot, which is when the electric vehicle slammed into the truck at high speed.

Caught only on security cameras, the incident has since gone viral on social media. One tweet read:

"Tesla Model 3 plows in[t]o overturned truck on highway. I'm sure the driver was paying complete attention to the road and wasn't relying on autopilot because he was told the car could drive itself."

Those who short Tesla in the stock market are using the accident as evidence that the automaker's Autopilot system isn't as safe as it purports to be.

Notably, the driver wasn't injured.

Doubts about pre-impact emergency Autopilot braking

Local media chimed in, saying (translated, via Elektrek):

"It can be seen from the picture that the impact force is so great that even the truck shakes. It is understood that the Tesla driver was unharmed. He confessed to the police that the auxiliary system was turned on at the time, and the self-driving situation, and the relevant transcripts have been completed so far, and the two parties have to face the subsequent compensation matters."

It's not immediately clear what's meant by "the auxiliary system was turned on at the time, and the self-driving state was not adopted," but it is believed that some of the Model 3's Autopilot features were activated at the time of the crash.

The video also appears to show the driver or the emergency automatic braking system applied the brakes at the last second — as skid smoke appears moments before the high-speed crash.

While Tesla touts its Autopilot system as increasingly safe, we should expect the worldwide reality check of every situation provided by public roads to test the mettle of the Model 3's Autopilot systems.

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