Tesla Model 3's Cameras Catch Thieves Stealing Iconic Porsche 911 in Spain

A Tesla Model 3's Sentry Mode caught thieves red-handed, stealing a Porsche on camera.
Brad Bergan

Tesla's Sentry Mode — designed to leave the exterior cameras activated on standby while the owner is away — can record collisions, break-ins, and other possible threats to a Model S, X, Y, or 3. But the model also watches over nearby cars, including non-EVs.

A Tesla Model 3 with its Sentry Mode on caught two thieves attempting to steal a 964-series Porsche 911 Carrera 2 on Sunday — recording the entire heist — according to a tweet from the all-electric vehicle's owner.


Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode catches thieves stealing Porsche

This happened in the Spanish town of Benicassim on Sunday, when two people rolled a Porsche parked nearby a Tesla Model 3 out of the parking lot. But they didn't know they were stealing a sports car in full view of the Tesla's Sentry Mode cameras.

Automotive outlet Motorpasion was first to report the incident. Later, Autoblog caught the news before a Business Insider follow-up confirmed the details of the story via a police report from Jose Saez-Merino — the Porsche-owner's relative.

The video documenting the theft shows two people wearing partial face masks amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and are seen rolling the Porsche out of its parking spot and off to continue their night of crime.


Search, rescue of stolen Porsche 911

Saez-Merino initially shared his video with local authorities and described the 911 Porsche to detail on social media in a bid to recover the stolen car.

Less than one day after Saez-Merino shared his video on Twitter, the 911 turned up in a suburban area near Valencia, said Saez-Merino to Business Insider. A delivery-van driver saw the blue 911 and immediately recognized it from a Facebook post from a friend of the owner's. This is when he called the police.

Saez-Merino thinks the ones who stole it intentionally dumped the vehicle to see if the car had a GPS tracker.

Saez-Merino doesn't presume to know the extent to which Tesla's recording played a role in retrieving the stolen Porsche, but he said the Sentry Mode might help police catch the people who stole it at a later time. As of writing, the investigation is ongoing, Saez-Merino added.

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