Tesla Model X Gets 5-Star Rating in Euro NCAP Safety Test

This just in; Tesla Model X beat Porsche Taycan on safety.
Nursah Ergü

Tesla cars have always been subjects to different discussions about their safety. We have seen ratings, videos, comments about how safe Tesla cars are, and evidently, there have been some negative comments concerning the safety of Tesla's car models.

But of course, EV cars are much safer than usual cars, since they don't carry any gasoline which can cause trouble in case of an accident.


And if you're thinking of getting a new EV car to level up, improve your car game, and help the environment, I'd be glad to present you Tesla Model X, which has just received a 5-star safety rating from European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP). One of Tesla's biggest rivals Porsche Taycan also received a 5-star rating. 

Tesla Model X scored 94% in safety assist and 98% in adult protection occupation (AOP), while Porsche Taycan scored 83% in safety assist and 85% in AOP. 

Director of research at Thatcham Research and Euro NCAP board member Matthew Avery said, "The devil’s in the detail when you compare the Euro NCAP assessments of the Tesla Model X and Porsche Taycan. Both are safe cars, but the Tesla Model X is the stand-out. Its 94 percent safety assist score matches the result achieved by the Tesla Model 3.

This remains the best result in the category by some margin, although the 83 percent score achieved by the Porsche Taycan is, now the second-highest safety assist score this year."

He continued, "Tesla has long touted its cars as some of the safest on the market and given the performance of the Tesla Model 3 and Model X in Euro NCAP testing, they might just be right. However, the brand’s tendency to overstate the autonomous capability of its driver support systems remains a concern. These systems are leaders in crash avoidance, but drivers should not be encouraged to over-rely on them and must stay attentive at all times."

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