Tesla Offers Free Charging Amid Coronavirus in China

Tesla said it wants to help facilitate travel during the outbreak.
Donna Fuscaldo

Tesla is helping its Chinese vehicle owners during the coronavirus outbreak by providing free supercharging throughout the country. 

Electrek reported a notice appears on the screens of Tesla owners in China, saying it was offering free supercharging to facilitate travel during the outbreak.


Tesla helps people in China get around 

"From now on, we will temporarily open all Tesla vehicles to charge at the supercharging station for free until the epidemic is resolved. We hope that during this extraordinary period, you will be able to efficiently replenish electricity when needed and use the car smoothly. " Tesla said after the epidemic eases it will notify drivers before restoring the vehicle to its initial configuration. 

The move on the part of Tesla comes as the coronavirus spreads around the world. Originating in Wuhan, China, the virus is infecting thousands and killing more than 100. The current epidemic of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a novel form of the coronavirus. It's new and like other coronaviruses, comes from animals.  Infected individuals tend to show symptoms similar to a fever with a cough and difficulty breathing.

Most patients are able to recover on their own, with treatment no more than making sure the infected person gets a lot of rest. People with pre-existing conditions that are suppressed or an immune system that is comprised face more risks. Most of the deaths were of people 60 years old or older. 

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Tesla's offer may not help much 

Aiming to prevent transmission in public spaces in China, the government has instituted quarantines and halted public transportation in certain cities. Flights have been canceled and as has bus services. Luna New Year events have also been canceled.

Tesla has offered free supercharging in the wake of other disasters including Hurricane Irma in 2017, the California wildfires and after major hurricanes.  It does mark the first time Tesla is doing it in China. 

Despite the attention the electric vehicle maker is getting,  efforts may not be that helpful to the people of China, particularly in cities where quarantines are in effect.  As it stands the quarantine is affecting 50 million people and that could grow if the virus continues to spread. 

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