Tesla Owner Thanks Elon Musk 'for Saving My Husband's Life'

The owner thanked Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter and shared pictures of a totaled Tesla Model S.
Chris Young

With electric vehicle automaker Tesla having recently faced and denied a slew of accusations of accidents and deaths caused by unintended acceleration and autopilot errors, the company will no doubt be happy to see a bit of high praise coming its way.

A Twitter user, Pam Baker, just thanked Tesla CEO Elon Musk personally, saying she is "beyond grateful that you made a car that saved my husband's life yesterday."


A totaled Tesla Model S

In her post, Baker revealed some pretty striking images of what looks like a completely wrecked Tesla Model S electric car, which can be seen in the post below.

When asked what caused the crash, she explained that it was caused by the fact that he has "brain cancer and had a dizzy spell out of the blue."

When one commenter questioned whether another car would not have also saved the driver's life, Baker responded by saying, "I would like to add that the EMT literally said, "every penny you spent on this car was worth it because it saved your life." I’m guessing an EMT would have a better perspective than most- that’s why I tweeted my gratitude."

Another tweeter asked whether Autopilot was enabled, to which Baker simply replied, "No..."

'He wouldn't have survived in another car'

Baker explained that her husband "got moved out of ICU yesterday," and that he is fine all things considered. "Broken and banged up a little and a punctured lung from his broken ribs but very little considering."

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While little detail was revealed on how exactly the Tesla Model S saved the driver's life, Baker said that her husband "literally said he wouldn’t have survived in another car." 

We will keep you posted in the event that any more information surfaces on the particulars of how this Tesla Model S saved the man's life.

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