Tesla Owners Set to Get Some Easter Eggs for The Holidays

Musk has promised new games and easter eggs to celebrate the holiday season.
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Tesla Owners will shave a little more holidays cheer with former CEO, Elon Musk promising new games inside all Tesla’s before the holidays.

“Super fun software Easter eggs coming to all Tesla S/3/X cars before the holidays! Romance mode, toilet humor & more video games,” Musk tweeted yesterday.

While it is unclear what is included in the package and what on earth Romance Mode can be. We have some ideas of what won't be there.

No Super Mario but more Atari games should be added

One fellow Twitter user asked for Super Mario Kart to be installed however Musk responded that Nintendo had refused to license the popular game to the electric vehicle maker.

Currently, Tesla’s are equipped with a good list of classic Atari games.

But Musk is keen to add to the list. If you are lucky enough to own a Tesla, you have no doubt already wasted hours playing Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Missile Command and Centipede.

Easter eggs could include new driving modes

Musk has indicated his dream games list would also include Pole Position, and Tempest. In addition to games, Musk is known for pushing his quirky sense of humour into other areas of the car.

Called ‘easter eggs’ these hidden features make driving a Tesla even more fun (if that is even possible.)

Again, what holiday-themed ideas Musk has is not known yet, but we do know some of the previous easter eggs Musk helped invent.

Drive your Tesla like it's in deep space

For example, in Tesla vehicles that are equipped with autopilot, if you press Autopilot four times in rapid succession the console will change to make it look like you're driving down the Mario Kart track rainbow road.

Musk calls this easter egg “psychedelic cowbell road."

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If Mario Kart isn’t your thing, use either the activation code mars or 007 to change the console theme to look like you are in deep space or on a secret spy mission.

It’s a good bet the holiday-themed easter eggs will feature some kind of light show. 

Host Meme Review

Despite being promised some new ways to pass the time over the holidays it seems Tesla owners aren't that interested in new games but would rather see their hero host Meme Review

Hundreds of Twitter users responded to Musk's announcements with demands for the busy CEO to host the YouTube show 'Meme Review'.

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