Tesla lands in a swimming pool after the driver accidentally crashes through a wall

Even the 'boat mode' could save the car.
Ameya Paleja
The Tesla car in a private pool
The Tesla car in a private pool

Pasadena Fire Department/ Twitter 

A Tesla car landed in a backyard swimming pool after its driver accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brakes and crashed through a wall in California, Insider reported. The occupants were rescued moments before the car was submerged, and no injuries were reported.

Tesla cars have a reputation for high safety standards and even recently played an important role in saving the lives of four passengers traveling in a vehicle that fell off a 250 feet cliff in California. Just a week later, another Tesla car was involved in another accident in the same state of the U.S., although both incidents appear to result from human error.

How Tesla landed in the pool

According to Insider's report, three passengers were traveling in the car when the female driver accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. This sent the car through the wall of a home on West California Boulevard. A resident was present inside the house but wasn't aware of what was happening outside.

Staff members of the nearby preschool turned Samaritans as they jumped into the pool to save passengers in the car, including a grandmother and a boy four years old. The rescue occurred moments before the vehicle sank to the bottom of the pool.

Personnel from the police and fire department responded within minutes at the scene, but the rescue had been completed, and no injuries were reported to the car's occupants. The Tesla was later towed out of the pool.

When the 'Boat Mode' is not enough

Tesla designers, as well as owners, have always been proud of the electric vehicle's ability to wade through water. One can find many videos on social media where the car has made it through flooded roads without a drop of water leaking into the interiors prompting CEO Elon Musk to call it "Boat Mode".

The car's ability has been touted so much that Tesla is also considering it as a standard feature in its next offering, the Cybertruck.

However, no engineering effort can compensate for human stupidity where one hits the accelerator instead of the brake. Perhaps, we do not know the whole story, and there might have been a moment of extreme insanity in the car with the kid, mom, and grandmother all screaming at the top of their voices or sheer ill luck that the car hit the wall that had a pool behind and not a bed of roses.

The question is, why didn't the sensors stop the car as it approached the wall?

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