Tesla will pay Ukrainian employees for at least 3 months if they’re called to fight

Good move, Elon.
Ameya Paleja

Tesla has revealed that it will continue paying wages for at least three months if the Ukrainian employees are called to defend their country, CNBC reported after accessing an internal email. 

Ahead of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had called upon reservists to defend the country. It's been 15 days since the Russian onslaught started, and the Ukrainians have been on the defensive. While the U.S. and its allies have provided arms to the Ukrainian forces, as the invasion prolongs, more troops will be needed on the ground and Ukrainian citizens in other parts of the world may be called upon to join the defense. 

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Tesla's promise to Ukrainian employees

According to the email sent by Axel Tangen, Tesla's director of Northern Europe, Tesla will retain its Ukrainian employees for a period of three months, if they are called upon to fight. During this time, the employees will be paid their regular wages and the company will review the situation at the end of this period to decide the future course of action. 

In addition to this, the company will also provide counseling and support for its employees in the region through its existing Employee Assistance Program. 

The email was sent out to employees in Tesla's Europe, the Middle East, and Africa  (EMEA) region and it is not clear whether it also applies to employees in North America or other places in the world.

Although Tesla does not operate in Ukraine, it estimates that about 5,000 of its cars are currently used in the country. The email stated that these Tesla owners, as well as owners of other electric vehicles, would be able to access the company's Supercharger stations in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, without having to pay for the service.

Praises for the Tesla spirit

The email has also praised Tesla staff in the region for going above and beyond to help Tesla's sister company SpaceX initiate its services at short notice. With internet disruptions anticipated amid the Russian attacks, Ukraine had requested Elon Musk for starting Starlink services in the country.

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We had earlier reported that Starlink terminals had arrived in the country but the role of Tesla employees in getting them up and running wasn't known until this point. 

Tesla's Energy team provided lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, also called Powerwalls, to run the Starlink equipment. Using inverters and charging cables donated by Tesla's certified installers, Tesla employees were able to assemble Powerall and Starlink systems and even went through scrap at Tesla's Giga factory in Berlin to source power cables to power Starlink equipment, the email stated.