Tesla Will Develop a Quiet Leaf Blower Says Musk

In a series of Tweet the electric car makers CEO says the company's next project will be garden maintenance.
Jessica Miley

Elon Musk can’t get enough. It seems like cars, spaceships and underground tunnels aren’t enough - now the serial entrepreneur has another project. Electric leaf blowers. Yes, that’s right.


The man that gave us arguably the world's best electric car is now making plans to develop a quiet electric leaf blower. Like all good Musk related announcements, the news came via Twitter.

It might be easy to dismiss the post but don't forget this is the person that gave the world ‘not a flamethrower’ flamethrowers.

Musk seems to be heavily back on the Twitter train after seeming to take a short break last year after he was fined $20 million USD for a tweet that suggested he was going to take Tesla private.

Twitter with a grain of salt

Other social media action highlights included the time Musk accused a British national of being a pedophile because he lived in Thailand. Not that a quiet leaf blower isn’t a bad idea. If you have ever had to deal with your over wet humanistic neighbor on a Sunday morning.

It’s hard to imagine just how Elon Musk has the time or energy to pursue all of his project that not only includes being the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX but also being the father to five children.

Musk has never hidden the fact that he is a workaholic nor that he acknowledges that it takes a long work week to get things done.

Tesla cult grows

Musk as also admitted here times that he needs sleeping pills to get the few hours of sleep he survives on. Business Insider has said they have reached out to Musk to see if he is really serious about revolutionizing the leaf blowing sector.

Most Popular

The cult of Tesla continues to grow. Elon Musk recently announced that Tesla drivers could make as much as $30,000 per year if they add their car to a fleet of robo-taxis once the cars go to full autonomous mode.

Owners could add their car to the fleet and make money via Tesla's car sharing service while they are at the office or even asleep. Tesla revealed more of its plans related to autonomous driving this week at its Investor Autonomy presentation.

Select investors were invited to the company's Palo Alto offices where they were able to test drive vehicles with advanced self-driving technologies still under development.

Self-driving cars here this year

Musk is confident the Tesla's vehicles will be fully autonomous by the end of the year. Though it is unclear if the correct regulations will be in place to support the cars by that time.

Tesla is leading the industry drive towards fully autonomous driving and will no doubt be lobbying the local and federal government to push legislation that will allow the cars to operate.

Speaking at the investors this week, Musk said not choosing to drive a Tesla in the future would be like choosing to ride a horse.

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