The 29 Coolest Keyboard Designs Around the World

Who said keyboards had to be boring? These inspired designs make typing awesome.
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Many of us settle for conventional, run-of-the-mill keyboards that come with our computers. Not these people, however. 


Check out some of the most epic keyboard designs from hobbyists and startups around the world. These awesome designs turn everyday typing into something way cooler.

1. Rainbow Strip: Make Your Keys Stand Out

There's no better or simpler way to elevate your mundane keyboard than by adding some cool lights. Reddit user SilentHopes tricked out this keyboard themselves, creating a bright rainbow board that anyone would be envious of.

DZ60 // Zilent 67g from r/MechanicalKeyboards

2. Coral Keys: Bringing the Sea to Your Workspace

Daydreaming about being at the beach while you're stuck at the office? Why not bring the beach to you? These keycaps by come with actual pieces of coral inside them. So you can enjoy the reef from your desk!

Coral reef is clacking from r/MechanicalKeyboards

3. Super Size Me: 8,000 Functions In One Board

Sometimes big workloads call for big boards. Redditor nojjers created this epic keyboard which boasts 183 keys and 8,000 functions. Custom builds don't get much bigger than this.

I hear Space Cadet is popular... from r/MechanicalKeyboards

4. Marble Keys: A Touch of Class For Your Set-up

Fancy giving your keyboard a classy makeover? Why not take inspiration from Redditor riocc, and rock a white marble novatouch complete with a marble wrist rest? The smooth stone stays nice and cool, making it a beautiful and refreshing addition to any desk.

WHITE MARBLE from r/MechanicalKeyboards

5. Sunset on A Desk: Tropical Colors and Added LEDs

Can't decide which color you want your keypads to be? Why not choose a bunch of them? This sunset keyboard is a great example of mixing different colors to great effect.

Cool as a crocodile, clicky as an alligateron~ from r/MechanicalKeyboards

6. Sonic the Keyboard: For Lightning Fast Typing

If you've got a deadline and need to type fast, get your inspiration from Sonic the Hedgehog! This custom paint job by Redditor aquaz_ is a fun tribute to the iconic game character, and the perfect addition to any gamer's desk.

The 29 Coolest Keyboard Designs Around the World
Source: aquaz_/Reddit

7. New from IKEA: The Ultimate DIY Keyboard

Lovers of Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, will love this keyboard tribute. Sadly this keyboard isn't a new product from the company. It's an inspired custom build from Redditor Inopoly.

GMK IKEA, the finest Swedish keycaps from r/MechanicalKeyboards

8. Neon Colemak: Condensed And Super Cool

QWERTY isn't the be all and end all when it comes to keyboards. Check out this sweet little neon board by Redditor Sildrax, built in the Colemak formation. Colemak is considered by many to be a more practical and simple typing layout for people typing in English.

[photos] Poor Man's Miami from r/MechanicalKeyboards

9. Color Coordination: Match Your Gear With Your Outfit

Looking for color inspiration? Look no further than your own closet. Redditor MyNamesEarle pimped out his keyboard with keycaps that match the color scheme of his Nikes. 

I like my keyboard how I like my shoes from r/MechanicalKeyboards

10. Galactic Keys: Space at Your Fingertips

You've heard of the space bar, now get ready for this. These awesome keycaps from PrimeCaps give you the galaxy at your fingertips. They're almost too beautiful to type with!

In space, no one can hear you clack from r/MechanicalKeyboards

11. Pretty in Pastel: A Mellow, Eye-Catching Board

This pastel board by Redditor daddygirl_industries is seriously soothing. Though some people won't be a fan of the blank keycaps, this color scheme is sure to keep your chilled out on a busy day.

*Listens to V A P O R W A V E once* from r/MechanicalKeyboards

12. Volcanic Style: Classic Black With Hot Lighting

Black boards with hot red lighting will always look cool. This build by Redditor L0LPanda is no exception, and brings an impressive volcanic look to an otherwise drab blackboard.

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Lava & Granite from r/MechanicalKeyboards

13. Rainbow DIY: Hard Work With A Gorgeous Finish

Hard work pays off, and no one knows this better than Redditor rexjr who hand-sanded the keycaps of this magnificent build. It might take a long time and a lot of effort, but it's worth it for end results like these.

Result from killing my fingers by manually sanding keycaps from r/MechanicalKeyboards 

14. Coffee Keys: Perfect for the Daily Grind

If you live, breathe, and eat coffee this is probably the keyboard for you. Perfect for Java developers, obviously. 

[keyboard art] espresso from r/MechanicalKeyboards

15. The Origami Board: Would You Type on Paper Keys?

If you've got an especially light touch, maybe you'd like to use an all-paper keyboard. Redditor geckopfote created this beautiful origami board using just paper and a 3D-printed base. 

Origamikeyboard from r/MechanicalKeyboards

16. The Simpsons' Superfan: A Tribute to Milhouse

If you have a bit of imagination, and maybe an eye for 8-bit graphics, you can create any image you want using keycaps. Like Redditor THRILLHOIAF, who created this tribute to Milhouse from the Simpsons. Bonus points for matching the color scheme to his shoes.

Everything's coming up Milhouse! [Am I doing this right?] from r/MechanicalKeyboards

17. LEGO Brick Board: For the Builder in All of Us

LEGO has always inspired people to built and explore the furthest reaches of their imaginations, so why not incorporate the bricks into a custom keyboard? Note the plastic cap used for the CAPS lock button.

Mechanical version of my LEGO keyboard, with 3D printed Cherry MX LEGO compatible keycaps from r/MechanicalKeyboards

18. Brass and Wood: Sometimes the Old Materials Are the Best

Just because we live in a technological society, doesn't mean we can't enjoy the charm of older materials. This Walnut wood and brass keyboard is a beautiful mix of old and new.

[photos] Walnut, brass and warm hues. from r/MechanicalKeyboards

19. Split and Sit: The Comfiest Way to Type

Nothing makes you feel more in control than having an input system built into the arms of your chair. Redditor tybenz decided to live out their spaceship captain dreams by attaching a split keyboard to the arms of their chair. A simple, but awesome decision.

Lets Split mounted to the arms of my chair. Typing has never been this comfortable. from r/MechanicalKeyboards 

20. The Side-Print: Simple But Stylish

Sometimes minimalism is the way to go. Like this slick board with side-printed keycaps. Subtle, cool, and super aesthetically-pleasing.

My home-made side printed XDA from r/MechanicalKeyboards

21. Cute and Colorful MechPad: A Burst of 90s Nostalgia

Get into a 90s groove with this adorable number pad. Redditor topernicus gifted this sweet bit of tech to his girlfriend, which he bought from MechKeys. Its vibrant colors and custom keycaps give just the perfect amount of vintage flavor.

The 29 Coolest Keyboard Designs Around the World
Source: topernicus/Reddit

22. Slick Dvorak: Simplified and Smart

Along with Colemak, Dvorak is another key configuration designed to be quicker and easier than QWERTY. Here Redditor Kiartu shows off just how cool Dvorak can be with their slick black and orange set-up, using a split board built into a 3D-printed base.

[photos] Yes, yes. More Carbon. But now with paint to match? =) from r/MechanicalKeyboards

23. Killer Split: A Split Board With A Lot of Style

This split board looks like something out of Tron. Redditor TiaMaT102 built it from a 3D-printed base and parts sourced online. The end result is a cool and ergonomic board with a distinct cyberpunk style.

[p] I made a thing... from r/MechanicalKeyboards

24. The Bat Board: Keys Fit for a Caped Crusader

This keyboard wouldn't look out of place in the Batcave. Redditor SnackyChunk built this awesome tribute to the Caped Crusader with the help of a handful of other Reddit users. The Joker keycap was a particularly nice touch.

Jokers always asking me where I get these wonderful toys from r/MechanicalKeyboards 

25. Datamancer Keyboards: Awesome Boards With a Steampunk Style

Datamancer created what they call "retrofuturist" tech, that brings 19th Century design into the 21st Century. Their steampunk keyboards come with old-fashioned typewriter keys, and a distinct old-world charm. 

The 29 Coolest Keyboard Designs Around the World
Source: Jun/Flickr

26. Bastron Glass Keyboard: Totally Transparent and Modern

The Bastron Glass Keyboard is unlike any other keyboard you've probably seen before. For starters, you can see right through it. The fully transparent board is illuminated with blue LEDs to make it more visible.

27. SafeType Vertical Keyboard: A New Way to Type

Designed to take the wrist strain out of typing, the SafeType vertical keyboard is a three-dimensional board that allows you to type in the most ergonomic way possible. It even features side mirrors to allow you to see where you're typing as you adjust to the vertical layout.

28. The Patriot: Honoring the Stars and Types

Another way to have fun with custom keycaps is to create your country's flag. What better way to show your respect for your nation than by typing away on its flag all day?

'Merica! from r/MechanicalKeyboards 

29. Super Combo: A Combination Keyboard and Controller

This is the ultimate in gaming keyboards. Redditor cant_remember_old built this inspired creation from a GameCube controller and a Mod-H Planck. PC gaming has never been more fun!

[modification] Combined My Love of Super Smash and Mechanical Keyboards from r/MechanicalKeyboards
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