The Alpine Rock cabin blends in with the landscape

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There seems to be a trend going on for small houses lately and this one set in the Swiss Alps completely blends in with its environment (No, it's not too small to see). There is a large boulder in your eye line and this is actually a rock cabin that offers all the basics that you would need to hold you over for a short stay among the mountains.


[Image Source: Bureau A]

The cabin was designed and made by Bureau A in Switzerland and installed in a sculpture park among the Swiss Alps. The idea for the cabin came from a writer who wrote about a person surviving a fall amongst rocks and having to spend weeks living in rubble he was buried in. The man’s name was Antoine and the designers named the cabin after him.


[Image Source: Bureau A]

The designers made the small cabin from wood that was then encased in concrete and then painted. The only breakages in the concrete are for the skylight, door and the window. The cabin has been well kitted out and it has everything needed for a short stay if you were to find yourself lost in the wilderness.

It provides shelter along with panels that fold down and which act as the table, the bed and the seats. The only thing that is not present is a toilet but let's face it, you're out in the wilderness. The rock style cabin blends in with the landscape surrounding it and it was installed in what the designers say is a precarious spot.

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[Image Source: Bureau A]

The cabin project was made in order to host artists visiting the region and was made by hand in a mountain village not far away before being transported to its location by truck. You wouldn’t want to stay for too long there, but for a short stay it is adequate and better than living out in the elements overnight.


[Image Source: Bureau A]

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[Image Sources: Bureau A]

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