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If you are an engineer, you would know the importance of being updated with the latest research in your field.

Moreover, as an engineer, it is also interesting to publish your own research in a peer-reviewed journal so that you can get feedback from experts and other colleagues in your field.

If you are passionate about engineering and your field of studying, you must definitely know about all the popular journals with high impact factors so that you have a source of authentic research and news in your subject area.

If you have been researching in your particular engineering field and are looking to publish your findings in a journal with a high impact factor, this list will come in handy for you. You can send your draft to one or more of these journals to get a review done.

Once the paper is approved, it will be published in the journal. Depending on the type of journal, the overall time to publish an article might range between 3 months to 1 year or even more.

However, it is always best to check the impact factor of the journal before selecting it to get your article published or even to consider the veracity of its published work.

Based on a high impact factor, let’s check out some of the best journals for engineers!

1. Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal

Engineering, Science and Technology Journal

The Engineering Science and Technology (JESTECH) is an international journal that is published quarterly. It is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles and not the ones that are already published.

The research focus of this journal lies in the field of engineering as well as applied sciences. The main themes or subjects that this journal includes are Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Material and Metallurgical Engineering and other topics within these broad subjects.

The publishing service to this journal is given by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of Karabuk University. Hence, the process of peer reviewing comes under the responsibility of Karabuk University.

The journal publishes papers on high-quality experiments as well as theoretical papers. However, the paper needs to be unique with no prior publication in any other platform.

The Source Normalized Impact Per Paper is 2.018. Hence, the journal holds high credibility in the field.

2. European Journal of Computational Mechanics

Computational Mechanics Journal for Engineers
Source: European Journal of Computational Mechanics

The European Journal of Computational Mechanics is a mechanical engineering journal that publishes six issues every year. The journal aims to publish innovative research and findings related to methodologies of computational modeling.

The publication of this journal started in 2006. It publishes research studies related to numerical methods as well as their application to simulations of problems related to engineering in materials, structures, fluids, and solids.

It also presents innovative solutions and applications to complex problems that arise in mechanical engineering. Overall, the journal aims to promote interactions within modeling approaches in order to apply them to various areas.

Most Popular

You can also publish review articles about new and upcoming topics related to computational mechanics. The journal is published by Taylor & Francis so the credibility can be highly trusted.

However, the articles in the journal solely have the thoughts and findings of the researchers and Taylor & Francis do not take responsibility for them. Nevertheless, the journal can be a trusted one for research related to Computational Mechanics in Mechanical Engineering.

3. The Journal for Engineering Education

The Journal for Engineering Education
Source: Journal for Engineering Education

The Research Journal for Engineering Education (JEE) is published by Wiley Online Library. It aims to promote knowledge and scholarly research in the field of engineering education.

It focuses on multiple research areas within the five broad areas. The first area is the engineering assessments that cover the topics related to assessment instruments, metrics, and methods.

Second, it includes engineering diversity and inclusiveness that covers the behavioral aspects of engineering and its contribution to products and processes. Third, topics related to engineering learning systems including institutional practices as well as instructional cultures are covered.

Fourth, learning mechanisms in engineering that includes topics related to how learners can develop competencies and knowledge can be seen. Lastly, various engineering epistemologies can be included like what engineering knowledge and thinking comprise of.

Hence, it can be considered a reliable journal for getting acquainted with or publishing topics that cover engineering education in a profound way.

4. IEEE Engineering Journal

IEEE Engineering Journal
Source: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Wikimedia Commons

The IEEE engineering journal is published by the world’s largest organization for technical advancement. The journal aims to publish innovative research related to engineering technology so as to inspire the world and make it more comfortable for everyone.

IEEE offers a range of high-quality publications to facilitate the exchange of information and technical knowledge amongst technology enthusiasts and professionals.

The IEEE Xplore Digital Library archives all the interesting research publications that can be of interest to engineering and technology enthusiasts.

It is a trustworthy name so you can definitely trust the publications of this journal.

5. Energy, Science & Engineering

Energy, Science & Engineering
Source: Energy, Science & Engineering

The Energy, Science & Engineering is a peer-reviewed journal published in collaboration with Wiley Online and Society of Chemical Industry (SCI). As the name suggests, it focuses on research related to energy supply and its use.

With the help of innovative research, the journal aims to inspire people around the world to find innovative solutions to deal with the energy challenges that are faced by people in the 21st century.

It also wants to facilitate collaborative research between engineers, scientists, and researchers globally by reaching out to a wider audience.

It is a multidisciplinary journal that not only appeals to researchers and professionals in the academia but also people working with the government, policymakers, economists, etc.

The topics in the journal range from energy systems, fossil fuels, energy policy, nuclear energy to impact of electricity, heat, and fuels on the environment, economic policies, planning and legislation on energy and much more.

6. SAE International Journal of Engines

SAE International Journal of Engines
Source: SAE International

The SAE International Journal of Engines aims to publish scholarly research on internal combustion and engine science in the field of engineering. The journal wants to become a trusted source for researchers as well as engineers in the field of engine development.

It publishes technical articles and reports that are bound to have a long-term impact on the development and design of engines.

It is a peer-review journal and is recognized internationally so you can trust the research articles and research papers published in the journal.

The main themes of this journal are engine combustion and emissions, engine design and analysis, engine durability and wear, engine efficiency, engine noise, vibration, and harshness. However, the articles are not just limited to these themes.

The SAE International Journal of Engines has also recently partnered with Publons to expand its horizons. The journal serves as an important source for mechanical engineers interested in engines.   

7. Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials
Source: Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials is a journal published by Wiley Online Library. It has been publishing high-quality research articles, top-quality reviews, and reports related to Material Sciences for more than thirty years.

It targets chemists, physicists, metallurgists, ceramicists, engineers, and material scientists. The journal is considered inter-disciplinary and has recently been spectacular in its performance.

It has a new and improved impact factor of 21.95 that has significantly increased its value. Its major themes include nanotechnology, superconductors, photovoltaics, solar cells, lasers, sensors, thermoelectric, batteries, nanomaterials, diamond, nanoparticles, nanowires and much more.

The journal aims to publish articles and cutting-edge research that would benefit scholars, academicians, and students who are interested in enhancing their knowledge in this field. They can also publish their research in this journal to reach out to a wide audience.     

8. Nature Nanotechnology

Nature Nanotechnology
Source: Nature Nanotechnology

Nature nanotechnology is a journal that is published every month and has research papers from scientists and researchers in the field of nanotechnology and nanoscience. The journal has a team of professional editors who work full time and take all the decisions regarding the publications.

The main themes covered by this journal are the production and characterization of structures, cisterns, and designs that allow the control and manipulation of materials and other similar topics.

The journal aims to promote an exchange of ideas between engineers, material scientists, biomedical researchers, chemists, physicists and other researchers who are interested in this field.

The journal publishes many different types of content that includes letters, reviews, articles, perspectives, news and views, commentaries, correspondence, and book & arts. All types of content need to be accepted by the editors in order to get approval.

Hence, the quality of its publications cannot be contested. It serves as a useful journal for everyone interested to read about the latest happenings in the field of nanotechnology.       

9. Cement and Concrete Research

Cement and Concrete Research
Source: Cement and Concrete Research

Cement and Concrete Research is a journal published by Elsevier. It aims to publish all the latest research on concrete, cement, cement composites and all the materials that are incorporated in cement.

The journal has also partnered with Heliyon, which is another journal published by Elsevier. Cement and Concrete Research has an impact factor of 5.430. Therefore, it can be considered a trustworthy journal in the field of civil engineering.

If you would like to learn about cement and concrete research in detail, this journal would be ideal for you. Moreover, publishing your own research in the journal is quite easy as well.

All you need to do is follow the referencing guidelines and all the other guidelines that are required to publish an article in this journal.

Once you ensure that your research follows the themes stated in the journal, you can publish your paper by submitting it online. After a reviewing process, you will be notified when your paper is published.

Meanwhile, you can even track the progress of the paper. Hence, it is perfect for everyone who is into this field of research.   

10. Advanced Science

The Best Academic Journals for Engineers
Source: Advanced Science

Advanced Science is published by Wiley Online Journal. It is an open access journal that covers applied as well as fundamental research in physics, chemistry, material science, life science, medical science as well as engineering.

The articles published in the journal are of the highest quality because they go through considerable scrutiny before publication. It targets material scientists, biologists, engineers, physicists as well as chemists.

The journal represents a fair process of selection of its research paper for publication. So, you can totally trust the quality of the research.  

11. Chemical Communications

ChemComm Journal for Engineers
Source: ChemComm

Chemical Communications or ChemComm is one of the fastest growing publishers that offer all the latest information on new research in the area of chemical communications.

It publishes at least 100 issues every year where it covers all the major news and areas within the subject.

It also offers the authors a choice to opt for either a single-blind peer review or a double-blind peer review. It has an impact factor of 6.290.


Hence, the papers published in the journal can be relied upon completely. If you are interested in the world of chemistry, this journal can be your go-to place.

It publishes articles in the form of highlights, communications and feature articles. You can even publish your own article and research findings in the journal and also get it peer-reviewed to get feedback on your research.

ChemComm is one of the most trusted names in the field of chemistry.

Bottom Line

If you are an enthusiast of engineering and are constantly looking to expand your knowledge by reading about the latest research in engineering, these top five journals will give you a plethora of options.

Alternatively, if you would like to disseminate information about your own research, you can also do so by contacting these journals.

It will help you get feedback from peers, and you will also reach out to a wider audience. 

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