The Best Electrical Engineering Schools Worldwide

If you're still a couple of years behind entering university or if you're about to enter university, then research your options and start with those electrical engineering schools that are near and work your way out.
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Getting an electrical engineering degree from a well-known university may truly be exhilarating at the moment and maybe attractive on a resume. But aside from wanting to graduate from a famous school, electrical engineering degree candidates should consider the impact this actually has on their future careers.

This is not to say that famous and best electrical engineering schools around the world do not live up to their name or brand, rather, it is to say that no matter which schools a student attends, the future lies in how well they do in their studies and how resourceful and motivated they can become once they’ve entered the realm of professional life.


 The Best Electrical Engineering Schools in the World

There are many great schools listed by U.S. News as the best electrical engineering schools in the United States. Here are three top-ranking schools and why they are the best schools in the United States.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. MIT is a school of engineering where students can learn everything about the leading edge of engineering, technology and science; and having in-depth conversations are the new normal in this school. Talking about quantum computing or nuclear fusion is as normal as talking about what to do over the weekends.

  1. Stanford University

Located in Stanford, California, USA. The university is proud of its admission and financial aid aspects for students enrolling in the engineering course. They have programs that students can choose from and they have a course planning option, too, which allows students to test the waters before delving deeper and deciding to take on engineering as a major.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Students will be thrilled to know that the College of Engineering at this university is world-class. They are proud of being recognized as one of the universities with an excellent record of innovation, relevance, and impact.

Like the USA, the U.K. also has some great engineering universities. Here are three picks.

  1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering is the largest department of the school. They have portfolios that display their unique global standing, which includes world-class designs and innovations. Some of the worlds top engineers have graduated from this university.

  1. University of Oxford

The school has been recognized internationally for its high standards in research that covers all types of engineering, including new branches like biomedical engineering. The engineering department makes research and multi-field collaboration possible with its five institutes. Check out their web page for more information.

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  1. Imperial College of London

The Faculty of Engineering at this university aims to lead students to understand leadership on the international level in the field of engineering. The university and its engineering faculty are also widely known for being one of the world’s best engineering schools. Review their website for more details.

Then there are top engineering colleges in Europe as well. Here are three chosen ones.

  1. ETH Zurich

Some of the activities students will experience firsthand at the university’s Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering includes computer network design, wireless communications, and power electronics engineering. The department also has research units that allow students to delve into biomedical engineering among others.

  1. Delft University of Technology

Aside from the normal school matters likes getting good grades and doing well in the programs offered by the university, the Delft University of Technology also offers financial aids, scholarships, visa processing and assistance, insurance, and medical care, and housing, among others. This makes the school an option for those who are coming from a different country and are just settling in on the new environment.

  1. Technical University of Munich

The university has 15 departments that include different types of engineering courses. Some of these are Aerospace and Geodesy, Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering among others.

Obviously, there are many more schools than can be written about in this one short article! But these schools are some of the best in the world when it comes to deciding where to go to study engineering. These are the same colleges that are good for any student wanting to explore the engineering industry. 

Ranking of IIT in the World

Look away for a bit from the USA, the UK, and Europe and take a look at one of the best engineering schools in the world, particularly, one university based in India.

IIT or Indian Institutes of Technology are public and independent institutes for higher education. It is currently ranked at 172nd according to Wikipedia. IIT is spread across different locations in India. There is one in Delhi, one in Guwahati, and another in Madras. The IIT located in Bombay is ranked at 162nd by Top Universities. In India, it is ranked 1st among all the other locations.

How to Find the Best Electrical Engineering Schools

With so many universities competing for rank #1 as the best school in the world, the decision making for candidates can be endless and maybe even stressful! Here are a few pointers that someone who’s in this situation right now can follow to decide on which best electrical engineering schools to attend or whether or not an electrical engineering degree is the right course to take.

  1. Know what electrical engineers do before deciding to get an electrical engineering degree

Going to a university is one thing and deciding which course to major in is another. Understanding the gist of electrical engineering can be enough. But digging a little deeper to really understand the field will help the candidate assess his choices, heart, and mind. Are they in agreement? Is one of these three – choices, heart, mind – confused? So these are the questions that need answers, which will then point to the final decision of the candidate.

  1. List 5 universities

Rank the five universities – not the way they are ranked by review sites. Rank each one in the order of what’s important to you. Your location and your capabilities will vary so take all those factors into effect when you’re ranking universities, then consider applying to at least 5 electrical engineering universities.

  1. Check out the university

Take time to research on your top 5 universities on the list. Find out how they’ve started. Check out their recognition and awards. Take a virtual tour and/or an actual tour to get the feel of the university.

Do not forget to read up on their requirements and accomplish them. See which of the top five universities offer better programs, regardless of how they’re ranked on that personal list. By doing this, it eliminates the university that may be more preferred but lack the programs you are aiming to attend.

How to Find the Best Electrical Engineering Schools

You have several options for attending to electrical or electronics engineering school worldwide, and depending on what factors affect your selection criteria, the schools we mentioned in this article may be a great fit for you.

Alternatively, if you want to explore further, Top Universities, offers an interactive search tool where you can specifically search for to pranked universities in each study area. Good luck!

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