The End of Sitting shows a new angle on office furniture

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The End of Sitting shows off a new angle on office furniture and comes from visual artist Barbara Visser and Dutch firm RAAAF. They have challenged the ideas of people about what an office workspace is and put a new angle on furniture for the office of the future.


[Image Source: RAAAF]

They have designed what is part interior design concept and part art project and you can catch it at the Looiersgracht 60 Gallery in Amsterdam. The RAAAF said: "The installation’s various affordances solicit visitors to explore different standing positions in an experimental work landscape. The End of Sitting marks the beginning of an experimental trial phase, exploring the possibilities of radical change for the working environment."


[Image Source: RAAAF]

The installation of the office furniture of the future doesn’t come with chairs and desks as in the typical office setup. Instead, it has many different surfaces, angles and shapes that can be leaned against, laid on or sat upon. The colour scheme leaves a lot to be desired, but apart from this, the concept is a fascinating one and the many surfaces along with angles mean that people will not work too long in one position and encourage them to move around and be more dynamic.

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[Image Source: RAAAF]

The End of Sitting hasn’t been designed for the mass market and one area in which it lacks is disabled access. The set-up could prove to be uncomfortable for long term use, this isn't known, but it does seem to be a very interesting alternative to the typical boring office cubicle.




[Image Source: RAAAF]