The Exact Reflection of 2020 Is Coming in Emojis

The new release will make you question what went on this year all over again.
Deniz Yildiran
The photo credit line may appear like thisThe Unicode Consortium

We are getting close to a full-spectrum of emojis to express ourselves just the way we want. The Unicode Consortium is to provide us with some complimentary ones, thanks to the new "Emoji 13.1" sequences.

The volunteer organization introduced 217 new ones, and 210 of them are skin variants. The rest is? Well, the rest might just address to a visual presentation of our current state of mind throughout the year.

The Exact Reflection of 2020 Is Coming in Emojis
Source: Emojipedia

The skin variants, as we've been using them for a long time, are presented with different or same-gender couples. However, it is progressive to see that the range is widening as new couples are also created through different skin tones.


With a unique touch on the differences, the release included a "woman with a beard", and a "person with a beard" as there is already a man with it. This will indeed enable individuals who are defining themselves to refer accordingly. 

The Exact Reflection of 2020 Is Coming in Emojis
Source: Emojipedia

New two heart emojis, let us tell you, seem to be in pain. One appears to be on fire while the other one is wrapped up with a bandage. Now that is truly addressing to us this year, it seems.

The most striking ones are basically yellow faces with dazzled expressions. A "face with spiral eyes" might just be the reaction against all the never-ending hustle and bustle, started with a little virus. You might want to use "face exhaling" immediately, but most probably it will take even longer than the whole new set coming in 2021. Hold on, we'll get through this.

The last face is in the clouds. At least, The Unicode Consortium named it so. It is up to you to decide what that means exactly. 

Last but not least, we couldn't imagine a better descriptive set of emojis for this year as a whole. Let's hope and see if the upcoming year will make us forget all. 


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