The Funnell is a clever waterproof jacket and backpack in one

The Funnel is a backpack that packs a quick releasing waterproof jacket. As if you're parachuting, just pull the chord.
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Everyone knows what a hassle it can be when you have to take a coat and umbrella just in case the weather turns and it decides to rain. Well, now you don’t have to worry as the Funnell is here to save you. The Funnel is a backpack that packs a quick releasing waterproof jacket. As if you're parachuting, just pull the chord.

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The Funnell created by Restless Travellers is currently appealing to Kickstarter to help raise funds to get it into mass production. There are three different types of backpack/jacket on offer. The largest of them come in black and can carry a laptop of MacBook Pro proportions along with additional belongings.

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Then there is the slightly smaller Funnell Sport, available in black or red, which can hold a smaller laptop along with other belongings. Lastly, there is the red and black Extreme, which can carry a smaller tablet-sized device along with other lightweight belongings.

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The only difference between the Funnells is the size and colors; the design of them remains the same and is simply scaled. The backpack comes with a protection panel on the back, waist straps that can be adjusted and a pouch where the jacket part is stored The is also a nifty drainage opening to allow water out.

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Of course, you could carry a jacket inside a normal backpack in case it rains, however, the Funnell does offer an advantage over this. This is the ease at which you can pull the jacket out from the backpack. Normally you would have to undo the typical backpack and then rummage around inside for the jacket, then open the jacket and put it on and zip the backpack back up.

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However, with the Funnell things are a lot easier. When it begins to rain the wearer just pulls a string that is in the top of the backpack and this ejects the jacket out. This makes putting the jacket on very easy and limits the amount of time you and your belongings get wet.

Source: Funnell

Anyone who is interested in the Funnell can pledge US$198 to their fundraiser and if everything goes accordingly, delivery is expected sometime in November this year. The City model of the Funnell will be available providing the campaign bypasses the $73, 000 target.

Source: Funnell
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