The Game Awards premieres a new year of outrageously realistic games

Al Pacino presents the award for Best Performance
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The Game Awards
The Game Awards

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The Game Awards is a yearly event devoted to the previous year's most voted-for video games throughout the year, premiering the following year's new games.

Voters decide the awards on social media and The Game Awards website. 55 million total votes were cast. Geoff Keighley hosts the awards and is held in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. There was a long list of celebrities in gaming, including the founders of gaming Ken and Roberta Williams, whose games became the foundation of the Game Awards.

Thousands of people followed the event, which was broadcast live.

In a rare appearance Al Pacino, the multitalented actor and Academy Award winner, gave out the award for Best Performance. The performances are for the opening credits, cut scenes, and gameplay.

The actors are just as dedicated as any voice actor, and often the depictions of the actors in the game look a great deal like the actor in real life.

There were many world premieres for new games and versions of already-established games. Among Us is the wildly popular imposter game, where one player in a multiplayer group is killing all the rest of the players and trying not to get caught.

It takes place on a spaceship in deep space, and the other players get a chance to jettison out into space the player who they think is the murderer. The game has a new look and feel, called Hide and Seek, where the spaceship is filled with secret passages, so players can escape the killer.

Other world premieres included fantastic realms, wild creatures, excellent fighters, beautiful and ripped warriors, and warrioresses. The content is more realistic than ever, even in the games with the least defined graphics. But for most of the games, the realism is outstanding.

Most games can be played in 4K resolution with a minimum of 1920p screen size.

The winners were varied, and many were refreshingly brief in their acceptance speeches. Some of the winners included:

  • Best Mobile Game - Marvel Snap
  • Best Adaptation - Arcane League of Legends
  • Best Family Game - Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • Best Debut Indie Game - Stray
  • Best Fighting Game - Multiverses

The big awards were handed out last, as in all awards shows, and some of the big winners were Best Action Game - Bayonetta 3, Games for Impact - As Dust Falls.

The biggest winner of the night was the game God of War Ragnarök, which swept the awards, taking home the Best Score and Music Award, Accessibility and Innovation Award, Best Narrative and

Best Direction went to the game Elden Ring, and so did the Best Game of the Year.

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